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Posted December 2021

El Squid Roe's party CEO:
That guy in the orange shirt standing on the left in the picture up there - he's the man - the party CEO. If you haven't heard the music they are playing, you'll probably start hearing it around next month.

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El Squid Roe is in Cabo San Lucas

El Squid Roe

Nightclub, dance hall and restaurant, now an Icon of Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico, is three stories of pulsating energy and more crowded than ever. Some nights, making your way from the entrance to the top floor restrooms can take forever. On the way, anything is bound to happen. El Squid Roe is one of the most popular dance clubs in the nightlife scene of Cabo San Lucas. Waiters equipped with spray tanks of tequila ply their way through the throngs while table-dancing patrons get lost in the loud dance beat. The open-air dance floor, on the main level, is surrounded by hoards of onlookers three levels high. Located in downtown Cabo, this is one place where the waiters definitely deserve danger pay.

Party CEO, Pablo Recasens said that his sole job every evening is to make sure everything keeps moving and that the people are happy and enjoying the Cabo San Lucas nightlife. He is the hub of the goings-on throughout the two-story El Squid Roe Restaurant & Bar & Clothesline. A voyeur's heaven and totally outrageous, but take note, El Squid Roe nightclub, in downtown Cabo San Lucas is definitely not for the prudish or the faint of heart. Energetic. Colorful. Friendly. Non-stop fun, fun, fun. From the moment you enter this fun-house called El Squid Roe, in downtown Cabo San Lucas, you're bound to come out feeling more alive, more open-minded and wanting more!

Standing on a custom built, industrial looking platform in the center of the main floor, he raps, he sings, he engages his crowd and coaxes all to move, groove, and otherwise let themselves go; but most of all, he never lets the party stop!


El Squid Roe T-shirt Front El Squid Roe T-shirt Back

The El Squid Roe T-shirt

Clothesline: - El Squid Roe's clothing store by the main entrance

El Squid Roe History:
World famoso three-floor house of madness with a crowd that isn't afraid to get on top of their tables and dance as the DJ plays music for all ages. The ambiance is that of a house party but with an MC. Known as the best party in Baja.

Like all bad ideas, it came late one night in 1989 when Carlos Anderson ordered one more chalupa and Billy asked for another round of mezcal. They thought it would be a good idea to leave Carlos O'Brian's in Puerto Vallarta and move to the Baja California Sur desert. It was there that an abandoned warehouse was rented and began what is now known as El Squid Roe. Somehow this seemingly "bad" idea became brilliant.

Billy decided to open the doors from 9:00 am and serve breakfast. As years went by, some strange characters joined the team, which makes the experience even more strange today. They realized there wasn't enough space for all the customers to dine, dance, and roam through the floor; so they decided to add a second and with time a third floor.

30 years later, El Squid Roe is known as the best party in Baja and therefore has attracted the likes of Beyonce, Luis Miguel, Mariah Carey, Floyd Mayweather, Tupac, Dana White, Snoop Dogg, Drake, Rihanna, Jamie Foxx, Oscar De La Hoya, Alex Rodriguez, Tony Romo, Tito Ortiz, 50 Cent, Rich from eatlife.net, and many other celebrities. As locals and tourists alike agree, this place has been an icon in Cabo for many years.

  • Three-storys
  • Six full bars
  • An MC to guide the fiesta upwards
  • Generously poured drinks


Outside El Squid Roe
Outside El Squid Roe
El Squid Roe is a three-story establishment that is so crowded and crackling with ear-splitting energy that it can take half your evening just getting from the entrance to the restrooms on the top story. Along the way, so will pass patrons dancing on tables and wait staff equipped with spray tanks of tequila – they are also are equipped with whistles in order to get your attention so they can sell you jello shots. The dance floor is on the ground floor and is open to voyeurs all the way up to the ceiling. Definitely not a place for the faint of heart.


Front of El Squid Roe
The fiesta icon of Cabo San Lucas:
El Squid Roe is three stories of pure party adrenaline, overflowing with drinks, dancing, and great food. Located near the marina in Cabo San Lucas, El Squid Roe is a fiesta icon. And, its popularity is unrivaled. So, visit Cabo San Lucas and experience the most exciting nightlife at El Squid Roe. You'll have the best vacation ever!

El Squid Roe has been the favorite party spot in Cabo San Lucas since 1989. This is where celebrities get those embarrassing tabloid photos taken after midnight. And, speaking of midnight, that's when all three levels fill with tourists, locals, and celebrities alike, ready to party hardy. Then, the party accelerates into the night. It's not morning until the sun comes up.

This place has five full bars, a clothing store, a full kitchen called "Billy Kitchen," and a private VIP area where you can take it up a notch. And, please note that this place is not for the faint of heart. The high energy and excitement never stops.

Pablo Recasens:
El Squid Roe's party CEO. Pablo Recasens leads the crowds into a party frenzy, every night. He says that his only job is to keep his foot on the gas, accelerating El Spuid Roe faster and faster as the night revs on. Also, he's there to fill the people with non-stop excitement. So, Pablo keeps the party going.

The waiters:
The crowds get so thick each night that the waiters at El Squid Roe are equipped with spray tanks filled with tequila. Armed with this spirit spray, they're able to make their way through the dancing droves to deliver your fancy drink right on cue!

Billy Kitchen:
Billy Kitchen serves two functions: Late-night stabilizer and restaurant. Located in an amazing atmosphere, this great place serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a cool line of El Squid Roe clothing. So, come for both! Stop by for a great daytime meal. Then, order some delicious food to stabilize yourself while the party is in full throttle.


Party CEO

Fodor's Expert Review:
If you are easily offended, have a hard time letting loose, or have a heart condition, you may want to think twice before entering this 4-story party spot where anything goes. Waiters dance and gyrate with female patrons, roaming waitresses pour Jell-O shots down your throat, frat-boy wannabes attempt beer-chugging contests, and scantily clad dancers undulate in a makeshift penitentiary. During spring break or high season, more than 3,500 revelers come here on any given night—and many stay until sunrise.


Red Speakers
The Sound System:
The pulsating energy of the venue is now complemented by the equally striking red ARCS WiFo sound reinforcement system from L-Acoustics, color-matched to tie in with El Squid Roe's vibrant decor.

L-Acoustics loudspeakers were not unknown to El Squid Roe prior to their permanent installation, as the equipment was rented on several occasions before the club decided to do a major update of their existing PA. They appointed leading Mexican AV equipment supplier, Vari Internacional, trusting in their 34 years of experience to deliver a first-class installation.

The venue is spread over three floors with an open-air dance floor, five full bars, a restaurant, a clothing store, and private VIP areas, which makes covering the multiroomed space a challenge to the team, with acoustic issues also being a major concern.

"One of the key challenges we had to tackle was the acoustics," explains Vari Internacional Live Sound Sales Engineer, Allan Fernandez. "Architecturally, both the roof and main structure of the venue are made of metal, which greatly affects sound quality. On top of that, there were copious amounts of posters and decorations on the walls, which we also had to consider when choosing the system."

To help deal with such a complex setting, L-Acoustics Soundvision 3D acoustical modeling software was utilized. It allowed the team to see accurate visual representations of their calculations, as well as to check for any irregularities that they could evaluate and correct. Alex Soto, L-Acoustics Application Engineer, Latin America – The Caribbean was also on-site, supporting the Vari team with his knowledge of system configuration and calibration expertise.

To provide even coverage throughout the venue, the final system comprised left / right main arrays of two ARCS Focus and an ARCS Wide, with a single ground stack of two KS28 in a gradient configuration, plus four SB18i subs flown in a standard configuration. Providing fill on level one were left/right arrays of two X12 and one 5XT coaxials; on level two, one ARCS Wide per side, with an SB18 plus a single 5XT were deployed, with two X12 providing fill. On level three a further two X12 again provided fill.

Once the system was installed, both the Vari and El Squid Roe teams immediately noticed the difference in performance.

"Once the system was delivered and put into place, it required very little adjustment and the sound was impeccable," states Fernandez. "The intention was to deliver a solution that would greatly improve sound quality, and having the venue fitted out with ARCS WiFo was simply amazing.


El Squid Roe Empty

El Squid Roe Menu:


  1. Watch out!
  2. Everything here water, raw material, ice; is treated with neo-bac. Our tables are disinfected after each use, and we check our staff with daily sanitary protocols. Stay healthy and be happy!
  3. The bathrooms are upstairs.
  4. Air conditioning is courtesy of the Sea of Cortez
  5. We accept Visa, Master Card, Bitcoin, jewelry, deeds, girlfriends, lovers, wives (almost everything but mothers-in-law).
  6. The Spanish word for "more" is "mas" and if you don't like something, just say "fuchi." Of course, we will get upset, but it doesn't matter. You're the boss!
  7. We'll cook your fish, we'll bake your bird, we'll fry your flounder, well microwave your menudo - but mainly, well cook your fish!
  8. Kindly refrain from pointing and laughing at customers not wearing El Squid Roe t-shirts. Just let them know of our not-so-famous clothing store by the main entrance
  9. Finish your food or you get no dessert! -Mom

Crowded at Squid Roe
We are the place your parents warned you about
EL Squid Roe is the one place that everyone knows about before they even get to Cabo. And the stories are true (most of them anyway). The insane mix of music and matching emcee will get you on the floor (or the tables) and keep you there until the place shuts down, which isn't long before dawn. "Squid," as it is affectionately called, is the loud, wild hotspot, both visually and audibly, where almost every visitor spends many dark a.m. hours.

Reserve a booth for up to 8 people
Most booths conveniently turn into dance platforms that overlook the crowd for true VIP status. A minimum purchase of 1 bottle is required.





Lazaro Cardenas 1112, Downtown, Ildefonso Green
23479 Cabo San Lucas, BCS