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Posted Friday October 22nd 2021

Haunted Monte Vista Hotel in Flagstaff, Arizona
Located along old Route 66 in Flagstaff, Arizona is the Hotel Monte Vista. Opening on New Year's Day, 1927, this historic hotel, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, has been fully restored to its former glory and continues to serve the traveling public today. Along with playing host to numerous famous figures over the years, such as John Wayne, Bing Crosby, and Harry Truman, it also apparently is home to a number of unearthly figures.

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Hotel Monte Vista was featured as a haunted location on the paranormal TV series called Most Terrifying Places

This old hotel is one of the very few American hotels built entirely from public taxes, when, in 1924, a man by the name of V.M. Slipher spearheaded a local fundraising campaign to build the hotel.

In 1924, tourism was a burgeoning business in Flagstaff, where lodging was too scarce to keep visitors in town to spend their hard-earned dollars. Slipher's efforts resulted in a city-voted ordinance that established a municipal bond to build the hotel.

After its opening, the hotel was popular not only among the tourists but also a favorite of the locals who quickly coined the phrase, "Meet me at the Monte V." In its first year, the hotel hosted Mary Costigan's daily three-hour radio show from room 105. Costigan was the first American woman to be granted a radio broadcasting license.

Opening during the prohibition era, this didn't stop the Hotel Monte Vista Lounge from ignoring the law and running a profitable bootlegging operation out of Flagstaff's most popular speakeasy. However, in 1931, the place was raided by local officials and shut down, only to resume business two years later when prohibition finally came to an end. For five years between 1935 and 1940, the hotel lounge and lobby also offered its many guests a wide range of slot machines to choose from, the only ones ever in Flagstaff.

In the 1940s and 1950s, Western movies became the choice of the American public and more than one hundred movies were filmed in nearby Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon. During these filmings, the Hotel Monte Vista hosted such famous guests as Jane Russell, Gary Cooper, Spencer Tracy, John Wayne, and Bing Crosby.

In one of the rooms of the hotel, a scene from Casablanca was filmed.

In fact, it was John Wayne, who reported seeing one of the hotel's first ghosts in the late 1950s. Describing the spirit as friendly, this benevolent ghost evidently made a brief appearance in the movie star's room.

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Hotel Monte Vista

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The Meat Man (Room 220)
This bizarre long-term boarder was known by his strange habit of hanging raw meat from the chandelier. In the early 1980's, the lodger was found in his room three days after his death. Not long after this boarder's death, a maintenance worker was working on a few repairs. When in need of a new fixture he left the room, turned the lights off, and locked the door. Returning only a few minutes later, he found the television on at full volume and the linens on the bed had been ripped and scattered around the room! Today, it is common for the television to act on its own accord as well as reports of cold male hands touching guests in their sleep.

The Rocking Chair (Room 305)
Featured in many paranormal shows and popular amongst curious guests, room 305 is by far the most active room in the hotel. There are numerous reports of seeing a woman in the rocking chair near the window. Guests and housekeeping have reports of seeing the chair move by itself and knocking coming from inside the closet! History tells us that years ago an elderly woman who was a long-term renter would sit by the window for hours on end. No one knows what she was looking at or looking for. Could it be she is waiting for someone to return, even in death?

Women of the Night (Room 306)
Years ago Flagstaff's Red Light District could be found just south of the railroad tracks, just two blocks from the Monte Vista. In the early 1940's two prostitutes were brought to room 306. During their "visit" they were killed and thrown from their third floor window to the cold street below. Over the years, numerous guests have reported being awakened in the middle of the night and unable to return to sleep due to a feeling that they are being watched. The majority of the time, our male guests report the feeling of having a hands placed over their mouths and throats, and awakening unable to breathe.

The Phantom Bellboy
Hotel guests have reported a knock at their door and a muffled voice announcing "room service". When guests open the door, no one is present. However, some guests have seen the figure of a bellboy standing outside of room 210. John Wayne experienced this ghost during a few of his stays. Mr. Wayne reported that the ghost seemed friendly and that he did not feel threatened by its presence. Our housekeepers frequently experience the antics of the bellboy. One report states seeing a young male in an old fashioned red coat with brass buttons walking up and down the halls.

Baby in the Basement
The disturbing sounds of an infant crying in the basement have been heard again and again. Reported primarily by maintenance & laundry personnel, this is one of the most disturbing encounters. Staff have found themselves running upstairs to escape the sound of the cries. Though the sounds are very real to those who hear them, there has been no information that has explained this phenomenon.

The Dancing Couple
On several occasions lounge staff & patrons have witnessed a transparent couple dancing in the Cocktail Lounge. They are seen in formal dress laughing and smiling, eternally dancing.

The Bank Robber
In 1970, three men robbed a nearby bank. During the robbery, a bank guard shot one of the men. Despite their injured comrade they decided to celebrate by stopping in the lounge to have a drink. The wounded man bled to death while enjoying his last drink. Since then both patrons and staff have reported being greeted by an anonymous voice saying "Good Morning!" There have also been reports of barstools and drinks that seem to move on their own.

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Hotel Monte Vista named most haunted place in Arizona:

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