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World's Largest Wind Chime
55 feet high and weighs eight tons

Posted November 2021

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The World's Largest Wind Chime is in Illinois's+Largest+Wind+Chime


Illinois is a small town known for its big things. But it wasn't always that way. Casey used to be just a small town with normal sized things. That is, until Jim Bolin got involved. It all started with one idea and the first big thing in Casey was the World's Largest Wind Chime.

Jim Bolin, co-owner of the family-owned Bolin Enterprises, came up with the idea to create a giant version of a windchime to lure people off the highway and into Casey. He spent two years conceptualizing and fabricating the massive structure.

The world's largest wind chime measures at 42 feet long and is made from five metal tubes suspended 49 feet from the ground. Each of the individual pipes spans from 30 feet to 42 feet. In total, the giant wind chime weighs 16,932.4 pounds.

The steel supports glisten in the sun and built into the design are two Christian Fish symbols and two Jewish Star of Davids that remind visitors of the importance of having faith.

The tourist attraction was unveiled on December 15, 2011 and, on June 22, 2012, the giant windchime was certified with an official entry in the Guinness World Records.

Guinness World Records

The largest wind chime measured 42 ft long and consisted of five metal tubes which were suspended 49 ft from the ground. It was made by Jim Bolin (USA) In Casey, Illinois, USA, on 15 December 2012.

Largest Wind Chime
Individual Pipes:
Casey Illinois
42 feet486.36 pounds
39 feet451.62 pounds
36.13 feet416.88 pounds
33.25 feet382.14 pounds
30 feet347.40 pounds

Worlds Largest Wind Chime

The windchime was entered into the Guinness World Records as the Largest Windchime on June 22, 2012
World's Largest Windchime:
  • The world's largest windchime was made by Jim Bolin
  • It is located at 109 East Main Street, Casey, Illinois
  • The windchime measures 42 ft long
  • It consists of five metal tubes which are suspended 49 ft from the ground
  • The windchime weighs a total of 16,932.4 lbs

Jim Bolin spent two years designing, planning, and fabricating the windchime as a tourist attraction

Casey, Illinois
Our first attempt at World Record Status was the Wind Chime. The framework for the Chime was assembled on site November 17, 2011. The structure features braces with Christian symbols to add support and provide a reminder of the importance of faith in our daily lives. Chimes were added to the frame on December 15, 2011. It was a cold but exciting day with many local residents in attendance.
109 East Main Street
Casey, Illinois