Pioneer Oil Refinery
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Pioneer Oil Refinery
California’s first oil refinery

Posted August 2021

Year 1877

August 2021

First oil refinery in California

The Pioneer Oil Refinery was the first successful oil refinery in the western united states
Large kettles that were used to refine crude oil into kerosene
Smoke-free clean burning kerosene was oil's major use in those days
In 1876 about 6 miles up the canyon from here they struck oil
This is the oldest existing refinery in the world
Ideal location with bounty full water supply and sat right next to the Lang Southern Pacific Station railroad tracks
Built in 1877 off Pine Street in Newhall, Santa Clarita, California.

Each of the two largest stills had a capacity of 150 barrels a day
Up the road was California's first commercial oil well [ ] yielded about 100 barrels of oil per day

After a decade of use, a huge refinery across the bay from San Francisco was set up and this one ceased for all time

Built by California Star Oil Works, which became Standard Oil of California and then Chevron California.

Pioneer Oil Refinery