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Americas Largest Pool Hall

Posted January 2022

Q Master Billiards:

In an unassuming strip mall in Virginia Beach lies the Disneyland of pool halls - so much so that pool sharks put it on their bucket list to see this billiards room.

"This was my father's American dream - to start a pool room, "said Shannon Paschall.

Q-Master Billiards is the fruit of the late Barry Behrman's labor.

"This place is like a museum for the history of pool," said General Manager Gary Ornoff, Behrman's nephew.

In 1971, Behrman founded the joint. What started as a room with just six tables is now home to 70 of them across 25,000 square feet.

"It's massive," said Ornoff.

The home of dozens of U.S. Open 9-Ball championships.

"It is a wonderful game. You use physics, geometry, and it caters to every age group and demographic," said Ornoff.


Q Master Billiards on Google Maps
Q Master Billiards is in Virginia

Q Master Billiards & Restaurant
Billiards & Restaurant

Q Master Billiards Largest in USA
Largest in USA
75 Tables, 72 Tables - the table count must change pretty often :)

Q Master Billiards Showroom & Pool Leagues
Showroom & Pool Leagues

Q Master Billiards Neon Sign
Q Master Billiards Neon Sign

Q Master Billiards Weekly Schedule
America's Largest with 72 Tables
Open Monday thru Saturday 10:am Sundays open 11:30am-2am

FREE POOL Served with Lunch & Dinner Every day and night
POOL Leagues from the V.B.B.C.,B.C.A. & A.P.A. Sundays thru Thursday- Over 100 teams play weekly

Tuesdays are APPRECIATION DAYS Open-Close ALL Military Active, Dependents, Retired, Southside Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Deputies, State Troopers Receive FREE POOL with I.D.
Family Days are Saturday and Sunday until 6pm Kids ages 6-15 play free with parents or guardians
Q-Master Billiards is known for the very best conditions, Atmosphere and the best clientele in hampton roads. If you enjoy the game of pool you've come to the right place.

Q Master Billiards Diamond Tables
9 Foot Diamond Tables
Q Master Billiards Diamond Tables Inside

Q Master Billiards 9 Foot Diamonds
Older 9 Foot Diamonds

Q Master Billiards Gold Crowns and Diamonds
Brunswick Gold Crowns and Diamond Bar Boxes

Q Master Billiards Valley Bar Boxes
Valley Bar Boxes

Q Master Billiards Club Shalom
Club Shalom

Q Master Billiards House Cues
House Cues

Q Master Billiards Ladies 9 Ball Wall
Ladies' 9 Ball Wall

US Open Nine Ball Champions

U.S. Open Pool Championship
Nine Ball
1976Mike Sigel
1977Allen Hopkins
1978Steve Mizerak
1979Louie Roberts
1980Mike Sigel
1981Allen Hopkins
1982David Howard
1983Mike Sigel
1984Earl Strickland
1985Jimmy Reid
1986David Howard
1987Earl Strickland
1988Mike Lebron
1989Nick Varner
1990Nick Varner
1991Buddy Hall
1992Tommy Kennedy
1993Earl Strickland
1994Efren Reyes
1995Reed Pierce
1996Rodney Morris
1997Earl Strickland
1998Buddy Hall
1999Johnny Archer
2000Earl Strickland
2001Corey Deuel
2002Ralf Souquet
2003Jeremy Jones
2004Gabe Owen
2005Alex Pagulayan
2006John Schmidt
2007Shane Van Boening
2008Mika Immonen
2009Mika Immonen
2010Darren Appleton
2011Darren Appleton
2012Shane Van Boening
2013Shane Van Boening
2014Shane Van Boening
2015Kevin Cheng
2016Shane Van Boening
2017Jayson Shaw
2019Joshua Filler
2021Carlo Biado

History of 9 Ball US Open Champions

2004 9 Ball US Open Gabe Owen
2004 9 Ball US Open Banner
Autographed by Thorsten Hohmann (2nd Place) and Gabe Owen (1st Place)

Q Master Billiards Gabe Owens
Gabe Owens Autograph
2004 US Open 9-Ball Champion

Q Master Billiards Drink
They write your name on your cup:
The 10 - 15 balls didn't get to go the party

Q Master Billiards Free Pool with Food Order
Free Pool with Food Order

Q Master Billiards Since 1975
Since 1975

Host of the US Open:
Q-masters Hosted the US Open until 1989. It was then played in even larger hotel conference rooms in the area. It was still always ran by Barry Behrman from Q-masters until he died in 2016. Matchroom Sport took it over in 2018 and moved it to Las Vegas then Atlantic City.

Q Master Billiards Host of the US Open

Q Master Billiards Walls of Memorabilia
Walls of Memorabilia
Q Master Billiards Walls of Memorabilia

Q Master Billiards Walls of Memorabilia
Walls of Memorabilia
Q Master Billiards Walls of Memorabilia

Q Master Billiards Lamp
Billiards Lamp

Q Master Billiards 9 Ball Floor Mat
9 Ball Floor Mat

Q Master Billiards Wanna Play?
Wanna Play Poster (Damaged)

Q Master Billiards Scoring Beads
Scoring Beads

Al Blackwells Pro Cue Shop
Al Blackwell's Pro Cue Shop:

Dave Bollman:
The Q-Master Pro Shop, which is located in the Tournament Room, is the brainchild of former owner and professional player, Dave Bollman. He spent his last 35 years dedicated to the craft of cue building and the game of pool. He learned from the masters and built one of the finest cue building shops anywhere. Throughout the years, Dave developed a repertoire with pool players near and far. He was a master cue-smith who built cues from scratch and also made all repairs.

Dave also devised a tapering lathe for his shafts which are turned 9 times over a 5 or 6 year period before being used to produce a perfect pro taper. Dave became ill in 2013 and sold the shop to Al Blackwell, who was building cues in his garage. During his illness, Dave was very generous with his cue making knowledge and secrets of the trade and passed them on to Al.

Al Blackwell:
Today, the shop is owned and operated by Al who has developed his own building styles and continues repairs for new and old players. Al has consolidated his shop with Dave's which now contains 6 lathes, a 40 stick showcase and over 250 hardrock maple shafts. Al makes "sneeky-petes" and custom cues built from scratch. His prices are $140.00 to $750.00 and he can replace bad shafts on good sticks.


Groupon Q Master
726 Ratings:

If games leave you parched, bartenders manning Q-Master's two bars serve up beers, cocktails, and shooters like the Swedish Fish—a blend of blackberry schnapps, triple sec, and cranberry. Those beverages complement Q-Master's inventive menu, which boasts quesadillas filled with pizza fixings, and chargrilled burgers topped with bacon, a chicken tender, and a fried egg whose dreams of becoming a cue ball sadly never came to fruition.


Scotch Doubles Behr-ger
Scotch Doubles Behr-ger:
If you are on a diet, please keep scrolling!!! Chef Sam has invented the "Scotch Doubles" Behr-ger!


Barry Behrman
Barry Behrman:
(1946 - 2016)

Barry was the proud founder of Q-Master Billiards and operated over 40 years, as well as the founder of Pools' most prestigious 9-Ball event in the world, the U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships.


Shane Van Boening:
After an opening-round bye and a second-round 11-7 win over New York's Frankie Hernandez on Monday, Shane Van Boening had the day off from competition at the 41st U.S. Open 9-Ball Championship. The event's four-time champion used the free time to drive to nearby Forest Lawn Cemetery to visit the gravesite of the U.S. Open's passionate and colorful founder, Barry Behrman. Van Boening knew where to find Berhman's headstone, since he was also at Forest Lawn in April for Behrman's funeral. Van Boening, who first met Behrman in 2004, had developed a strong friendship with the promoter. Behrman had even tried to coax the South Dakota native into moving to the Norfolk area a few years earlier, promising to pay for Van Boening's apartment and to set him up as house pro at Behrman's 72-table Q-Master Billiards in Virginia Beach.

Shane Van Boening visits Barry Behrmans gravesite

The purpose of Van Boening's visit was twofold. He wanted to pay his friend a visit to say hello and to tell him he missed him. He also made a vow: He promised to win his record-tying fifth U.S. Open title in honor of his fallen friend. "Barry was a great person," Van Boening said, moments after fulfilling his promise in a thrilling 13-9 win over Taiwan's Jung-Lin Chang in the championship match four days after his visit. "He was a wonderful guy and he did a lot for us. I wish he was here. I miss him a lot."


5612-A Princess Anne Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23462

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