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Posted February 2022

Schon Custom Cues

Based in Milwaukee Wisconsin, Schon is another popular name in the pool cues business. Having a great history to look into, Schon has been enjoying the industry limelight for decades.

There's something the old pool players absolutely love about Schon. They have opted to continue as a small-sized family-owned enterprise instead of expanding into some mass production company.

The founder of Schon, Terry Romine, still overlooks every key aspect of the business himself. From design to manufacturing and quality test, nothing escapes his expert supervision. He is known to be the phenomenal player of his times.

This started with the rising need of the older days to get perfectly balanced pool cues that offer just the right control and accuracy. The founder created his pool cue with his own hands in pool hall Romine's High Pockets North. Even today, Schon has respected and kept the tradition alive.

Schon does not own some state the art facility but a small workshop with five tables. All their cues are designed and manufactured there.

Some highly well-reputed players of the pool game are huge Schon fans as Schon pool cues have helped them made fortunes over the years, both in terms of money and fame.

The balance and preciseness that Schon pool cues deliver are still unmatched by many of the pool cues manufacturers despite integrating innovated technologies and manufacturing cues in some tech-advanced facilities.

This is because the experienced craftsmen of Schon pool cues spend some hefty amount of time and effort in creating every piece that goes out of the workshop without any machine churning or shaping them. Thus, every Schon pool cue made is a masterpiece in itself.

It is wrong to believe that only mass production and machine engineered pool cues can stand the test of time and are the right solution to modern standards. The truth is that handcrafted pool cues such as Schon's have managed to be unique pieces for years.

Schon pool cues are an eloquence of balance and perfection that every pool player wants to experience. If you are looking out for a handmade cue that would offer authenticity and a great feel whilst upholding the standards of the game

Schon Custom Cues on Google Maps
Schon Custom Cues is in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Inside the Schon Factory
Inside the Schon Factory

Designed for money players and pros:
  • When asked by distributors how to sell a Schon, they tell them to just put one in the customer's hands.
  • There's no such thing as a cheap Schon.
  • Hand-built with a focus on hit and feel first.
  • Schon is a small company by choice and never sold out to mass-production.
  • Family owned company since the beginning.
  • Every cue which bears our name was built on 1 of 5 tables by a master craftsman who safeguard the practices, art, and engineering which define Schon Cues.

The world's best players have used Schon cues on their path to greatness. Some noteworthy players on that list include:
  • Shane Van Boening
  • Johnny Archer
  • Buddy Hall "The Rifle"
  • Dallas West
  • Minnesota Fats
  • Willy Munson
  • Boston Shorty
  • Karen Corr
  • Sergio Rivas

Make no mistake, there are many talented money players who earn a living hustling — and don't want to be known — that trust and use Schon Cues too.

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2013 Thread: History of Schon Cues:

ChrisOnline:Bob Runde and Terry Romine started Schon back in 1981, and Bob retired in 1992 which everyone knows that's when Evan took over..

calibration:About 8 or so years ago I was on business in Milwaukee and had an afternoon off so I looked up online where there factory was. I left on my search hoping to possibly hand pick a great cue. Took a small car ride and found a small building somewhat in the middle of a neighborhood/industrial section with a small schon sign. No door bell but the door was open so I walked in, walked thru all the cue building area with nobody making a single cue, looked around and heard talk within a room in the corner, walked into it and found 4 or so guys playing pool. To make a long story short we hit some balls around for a couple hours and had some fun chat. Eventually I asked do you guys ever make cues? They laughed and replied if we rush to make cues there will be to many...... Wow really, anyways what was really funny is they were playing pool and sharing a Panther 100 dollar cue, said it plays fantastic.... On my way home I bought a Panther cue. True story

Shooter08:Terry and Bob started the company, Evan came from Mcdermott a few years prior to Bob leaving in approx 92 and took over designing and production. Bob took a couple years off prior to starting to build his Runde custom cues which he is still building to this day, but he himself has told me he does not know how much longer he will be. There are plenty of other stories floating around and the myths are all intriguing as crazy as some are. I recently acquired a old Hoppe cue from a gentlemen who used to play with Terry and Willie Munson way back in the day and If he tells me any great stories I will be sure to pass them along. Unfortunately Terry passed away recently, RIP.

howardthedick:Over the years I've gotten to know Bob well and consider him a close friend and talk to him at least once a week. There's one thing about Bob, he's as honest as the day is long. I tell him about these threads and he just laughs. He's as down to earth as it gets. I'll tell you straight from his mouth about the Schon Cues that Bob built while he was there .And when he was there, there were no cues that came out of the shop that he didn't build. From the day he started at Schon to around 1992 when Bob sold his percentage of Schon to Evan, no one even put a tip on a cue or helped Bob build one. Anyone that worked there swept floors and got to watch Bob build Schon Cues. When he sold his share, part of the deal was, he would not build a cue for one year and he didn't. This info that I'm sharing is straight from Bobs mouth, no grapevine involved. Hope this helps straighten out some of the mystery of who built Schon Cues. Thank You, Greg

SWN99:Well I owned an older Schon which I think was an R4 and it played great, then it was stolen after a having it a couple years (this was in the late 90's). Recently I picked up a newer Schon CX69 and the hit feel and balance of the cue is almost identical to that old R4, the new style points are different but it is still that same old Schon.

Rico:Bob started making cues in1975 in his basement. He later went to wqrk for Jim McDermott. Then in partnership with Terry Romine started the Schon cue co. Schon pronounced with the (long o sound ) not Shawn. It was Terry's idea he said it meant pretty. When he started Bob did everything he later when he could give him enough work brought Evan over from McDermott. He sold Schon in 92. In 95 started making a few cues (Runde's). And as Gregg say's one of those guys who defines honesty. I am honored to be a friend. One of those handshake guys. Bob gave me a gift many yrs ago and in a pinch i sold it. For 10 yrs almost I regretted that. Recently I had the chance to get it back (for almost triple) and it was like my bucket list. Can't wait for him to get home its warm enough to golf.

Evan Clarke at the Schon Factory
Evan Clarke:
When I met him, he was covered in sawdust standing at a lathe making a cue. You could tell he loved what he was doing. He brushed himself off for the photo!

Schon is a German word for beautiful
Schon is a German word for beautiful:
Schon Cues is a pool cue manufacturer founded in 1981 and their name, "Schon," is the German word for beautiful. A fitting name as they handcraft beautiful pool cues that are just as much works of art as they are precision instruments for professional pool players and part-time enthusiasts alike.

The logo design itself is a fun play on the umlauts over the "o" that are incorporated with the extended arm of the "s" to allude to a pool cue aimed at a cue ball and pool ball. It's a subtle design that doesn't detract from the name, is well balanced and easy to read, and is a stellar example of positive modernization of a brand.

The Schon Factory Building
Schon Factory Building
3812 W. Burnham Street
Milwaukee, WI 53215