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Baby Face Nelson

Killed the Most FBI Agents in History


Posted Sunday October 1st 2023

FBI Baby Face Nelson
"Baby Face" Nelson
Lester M. Gillis

Nelson was a car thief, bootlegger, robber, and murderer who has the dubious distinction of killing more FBI agents than anyone else, three total. He was part of the Dillinger gang, and they killed several agents and police who had tracked them to the Little Bohemia Lodge in Wisconsin on April 22, 1934. Six months later, he was named Public Enemy #1. Samuel P. Cowley of FBI Chicago received a tip on November 27, 1934; Nelson had stolen a car and was heading to the city, so agents intercepted them on the highway outside Barrington, IL, resulting in a gun battle where Special Agent Cowley and Special Agent Herman Hollis were killed. Nelson was mortally wounded, and his body was found the next day in a ditch near a cemetery in Niles Center after an anonymous tip led them there.

FBI Baby Face Nelson Firearm
Baby Face Nelson Firearm

Baby Face Nelson carried this Colt ACE .22 Long Rifle 1406.

FBI Baby Face Nelson Colt Ace

Baby Face Nelson

WIKIPEDIA Lester Joseph Gillis
Lester Joseph Gillis (December 6, 1908 – November 27, 1934), also known as George Nelson and Baby Face Nelson, was an American bank robber who became a criminal partner of John Dillinger, when he helped Dillinger escape from prison, in Crown Point, Indiana. Later, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) announced that Nelson and the remaining gang of bank robbers were collectively "Public Enemy Number One".

  • The "Baby Face Nelson" nickname derived from Gillis being a short man with a youthful appearance; however, in the professional realm, Gillis's fellow criminals addressed him as "Jimmy".
  • FBI agents fatally wounded and killed Baby Face Nelson in the Battle of Barrington (27 November 1934), fought in a suburb of Chicago.

A violent bank robber, he killed more FBI agents than any other criminal

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