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Domestic Gifts

From Americans to the Nixons

Domestic Gifts
Most of the gifts that Americans send to their Presidents and First Ladies are given to the National Archives for the Presidential library collections.

These gifts - from hand-made crafts to art to collectibles and beyond - can provide a vivid reflection of the nation's relationship with the president, his vision, and his office.

Posted January 2024

Max Gerard Dali
  • Dali Ed. by Max Gerard
    Inscribed by donor Salvador Dali, with a horse and dragon drawing.

Max Gerard Dali

Gifts Election '68
  • Ronald McDonald Doll
    With Nixon/Agnew pin. Gift of Robert Coad, Jr.
  • Election '68: A Game of Political Strategy
    Board game used by Tricia Nixon, Julie Nixon, and David Eisenhower during the 1968 campaign.
  • Plastic Toy Elephant
    Gift of Frederick Casoni.
  • Raggedy Ann Doll
    Gift of Doris Reed.
  • Model Train on Track
    Train car reads Pat & Dick RR. Gift of G. Francis Harbin.

Gifts Election '68

Gifts Think Metric
  • Red, White, and Blue Rotary Phone
    Used by Dwight D. Eisenhower during his second term when at the Beverly Hills White House. Gift of Robert J. Clarke.
  • Think Metric Scale
    Weights are listed in metric and in pounds. Gift of Kenyon Yale Taylor.
  • Elephant Candles, Scented
    Richard Nixon collected elephant figures. This addition to his collection came from Donald E. Haskard.
  • Kraftware Ice Bucket
    Gift for Pat Nixon from Benjamin M. Garcia.
  • Uncle Sam Mechanical Bank
    Cast iron, limited edition (#1 of 99) reproduction of the original bank made in 1886. Bank contains 1 quarter and 8 pennies.

Gifts Richard M Nisxon
  • Caricature Statue
    Statue holding a golf club and ball. Painted by donor, Mary Ann Connelly.
  • Carved Wood Hand
    Modeled after the hand of Richard Nixon. Gift of Al M. Dempsey.
  • Two Small Figurines
    Ceramic caricatures carry a hand sign reading "Dick." Gift of Alfred Wirick.
  • Wood Carving
    Richard Nixon on pedestal.
  • Cloth Toy Doll
    Hands in Nixon's characteristic "V" sign. For Pat Nixon, from Betty Keene.
  • Rag Doll
    Gift of Tudy Anderson.
  • Hand-carved Figurine
    Gift of Robert Ellsworth.
  • Wooden Nameplate
    Carved by donor, Raoul B. Bagood.
  • Wood Caricature Figure
  • Wood Carving of Nixon and Dog
    Richard Nixon figure with hands raised in V sign and his dog King Timahoe beside him. By donor, Carl Olander

Gifts Walter Keane
  • Walter Keane by Johnson Meyers
    Book frontispiece is inscribed by donor Walter Keane: The President and Mrs. Nixon Much Happiness to you, Walter Keane.

Gifts Nixon Belt Buckle
  • Green and Gold Purse
    Handmade from 1700 empty cigarette packs and cellophane by donor, Ralph O. Taylor.
  • Bicycle, Metal Work by Donor John Argo
    Sent to President Nixon for his birthday. He and the donor shared the same birthday, January 9.
  • Memento Box
    With decoupage portrait of the Nixon family. For Pat Nixon, from Louise Dillon.
  • Dinosaur Fossil
    Polished and worked into the shape of a butterfly. Gift to David Eisenhower from Lillian Turner.
  • Leather Handmade Belt
    Belt with gold and silver tone buckle engraved Richard M. Nixon, President of the United States of America." Gift of LeRoy Horch.
  • Wooden Plaque with Plant Matter in Acrylic
    The plaque given to President Nixon by Girl Scout Troop 1164 displays plant matter from Nixon's birthplace in Yorba Linda.

Nixon Elvis Gun Gift
From Elvis Presley
  • Gun and Bullets in Box
    Chrome-plated, semi-automatic Col 45 pistol with 7 bullets

    Rheims - May 7, 1945

    World War II Commemorative
    European - African
    Middle Eastern Theater
    December 11, 1941 - May 7, 1945

Nixon Elvis Gun Gift

Nixon Elvis

Nixon Gifts Sports
  • Plece of Green Astro Turf
    Produced by Monsanto. Gift of Pratt Remmel.
  • Football
    Gift to Richard Nixon from Coach George H. Allen of the 1969 Los Angeles Rams. Autographed by donor and members of the team.
  • Baseball Bat
    Bat commemorating the 600th home run of Willie Mays and personalized as a gift to Richard Nixon from Evan H. Baker.
  • Baseballs
    A pair of baseballs autographed by the 1970 California Angels; given to Richard Nixon and David Eisenhower by performer, and owner of the California Angels, Gene Autry.
  • The President's Bowling Ball
    Gift of the Richard Nixon Estate

Nixon Gifts 1969 Rams Football

Nixon Gifts Willie Mays Baseball Bat