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Posted January 2024

When a first lady visits the Nixon Library, they have her plant a rose bush (or plant one for them)

Nixon First Lady's Garden
First Lady's Garden

First Lady's Garden Fountain

First Lady's Garden Fountain

Hybrid Tea Barbara Bush Rose
Barbara Bush Rose
Hybrid Tea
  • Planted in honor of First Lady Barbara Bush after her address in the Pat Nixon Amphitheater only hours before President Nixon's death on April 22, 1994

Hybrid Tea Betty Ford Rose
Betty Ford Rose
Hybrid Tea
  • Planted by First Lady Betty Ford May 12, 1997 following her address in the Nixon Library Theater

Hybrid Tea Nancy Reagan Rose
Nancy Reagan Rose
Hybrid Tea
  • "More than any other flower, we hold the rose dear as the symbol of life and love and devotion, of beauty and eternity." -- President Ronald Reagan

Grandiflora Rosalynn Carter Rose
Rosalynn Carter Rose
  • First Lady Rosalynn Carter visited the gardens during President Nixon's State Services April 27, 1994

Hybrid Tea Lady Bird Johnson Rose
Lady Bird Johnson Rose
Hybrid Tea
  • Planted by First Lady "Lady Bird" Johnson November 3, 1991 during a tour of the Nixon Library Gardens

Floribunda Pat Nixon Rose
Pat Nixon Rose
  • A dark red floribunda, with a strong fragrance
  • It blooms in flushes throughout the season
  • Formally named the hybrid floribunda and renamed on a patent by C. W. Stuart & Co. of Newark, NY in 1974 as the Pat Nixon rose

Floribunda Laura Bush Rose
Laura Bush Rose
  • Orange red with yellow centers, mild fragrance
  • Cluster-flowered, blooms in flushes throughout the season
  • Can be used for beds and borders
  • Dark green foliage

All American Honor Garden
All American Honor Garden
In heartfelt gratitude to the Vietnam Prisoners of War

Courage | Patriotism | Loyalty

Dedicated on the 40th Anniversary of their Homecoming Gala hosted by President and Mrs. Nixon at the White House May 24, 1973

Deciduous Shrub We Salute You Roses
We Salute You Roses
Deciduous Shrub
  • Features showy fragrant orange flowers with coral-pink overtones
  • Blooms from late spring to mid-fall

Hybrid Tea Veteran's Honor
Veteran's Honor
Hybrid Tea Rose
  • The epitome of the ultimate red hybrid tea rose
  • A fitting tribute to the men and women who have served our country
  • It unfurls into blooms of impeccable form with a stunning red color

Hybrid Tea Let Freedom Ring
Let Freedom Ring
Medium Hybrid Tea Rose
  • Impeccable light poppy red flowers
  • Prolific growth throughout the season
  • Moderate tea fragrance
  • Large double mostly solitary cupped bloom form
  • Long stems

Hybrid Tea Miss All American Beauty
Miss All American Beauty
Hybrid Tea
  • Named for Maria Callas, an American born soprano
  • The large high centered and cupped deep pink flowers bloom in waves throughout the season
  • Born mostly solitary on large stems with 6 inch blooms
  • They have a strong old rose fragrance

Grandiflora All American Magic
All American Magic
  • This grandiflora has a unique color combination: the double flowers emerge in stripes of bright red and yellow then fade to pink and cream
  • The leaves are glossy with about 35 petals
  • They have a slight fragrance

Roses Peace
Peace Roses
  • Pink and yellow colors blended together
  • In 1946 the American Rose Society smuggled out of France just before the Nazi occupation and introduced as a symbol of hope after WWII
  • It is the world's most popular rose
Donated originally by Jackson and Perkins

Honor Garden Veterans
The Veterans' Honor Rose Garden
Dedicated April 21, 2005
by Senator Robert Dole

Richard Nixon was a boy who heard the train whistle in the night and dreamed of all the distant places that lay at the end of the track. How American!
From Senator Dole's Eulogy at Services for the 37th President, April 27, 1994

Hybrid Tea Rose John F Kennedy
John F Kennedy
Hybrid Tea Rose
  • It is the most fragrant of all the white rose varieties
  • Shimmering snow white, double flowers won't be forgotten

Hybrid Tea Double Delight
Double Delight
Hybrid Tea
  • Winner of the World's Highest Rose Award for Superior Qualities
    All America Rose Selection 1977

Floribunda French Lace
French Lace
  • Winner of the World's Highest Rose Award for Superior Qualities
    All America Rose Selection 1982

Floribunda Sun Flare
Sun Flare
  • Winner of the World's Highest Rose Award for Superior Qualities
    All America Rose Selection 1983

Floribunda Show Biz
Show Biz
  • Winner of the World's Highest Rose Award for Superior Qualities
    All America Rose Selection 1985

Floribunda Amber Queen
Amber Queen
  • Winner of the World's Highest Rose Award for Superior Qualities
    All America Rose Selection 1988

Hybrid Tea Just Joey
Just Joey
Hybrid Tea
  • A spectacular unusually colored rose
  • Voted the world's favorite rose in 1994
  • 1873

Hybrid Tea St. Patrick
St. Patrick
Hybrid Tea
  • Winner of the World's Highest Rose Award for Superior Qualities
    All America Rose Selection 1996
  • In Honor of Pat Nixon

Pat Nixon Rose Garden
The Pat Nixon Rose Garden
Dedicated in Gratitude to Gavin and Ninetta Herbert & Family for their devoted friendship to President and Mrs. Nixon
January 8, 2010

Floribunda First Kiss Rose
First Kiss Rose
  • A floribunda rose which produces clusters of slightly fragrant, pale pink flowers that are yellow shaded at the base
  • Blooms in flushes throughout the season

Hybrid Tea Sugar Moon
Sugar Moon
Hybrid Tea
  • This exquisite pure white tea glows like moonlight and smells like heaven
  • The full formed blooms open to show off broad petals
  • They have a good rebloom and are very disease resistant
  • Intense sweet citrus rose

Hybrid Tea Neptune
Hybrid Tea
  • 5-6" blossoms of luscious lavender with large, glossy green leaves
  • Continually blooming

Hybrid Tea Rose Moonstone
Hybrid Tea Rose
  • Huge blooms of a soft cream are finely edged in delicate pink and are held high on long cutting stems
  • Performs wonderfully in warmer climates
Hybrid Tea Rose Moonstone

Floribunda Celestial Night
Celestial Night
  • This rose has a mystical shade of deep plum purple
  • It's strong and disease resistant
  • It has full flowering blooms with an old fashioned form for a stunning presentation
  • Destined to be a star

Hybrid Tea Yves Piaget
Yves Piaget
Hybrid Tea
  • Romantic and glamorous
  • Large, double mauve pink blooms which have a strong fragrance and make this a garden favorite

Hybrid Tea California Dreaming
California Dreaming
Hybrid Tea
  • Each bloom features 28-35 cream petals with pink edges
  • The blooms have an average diameter of 5 inches and are very full, and large, with a high-centered bloom form
  • It has a strong citrus fragrance

Noisette Rose Madame Alfred Carriere
Madame Alfred Carriere
Noisette Rose
  • Classic Antique Garden Rose
  • 1879

Noisette Rose Madame Alfred Carriere

Floribunda Hot Cocoa
Hot Cocoa
  • Deep rust buds open to a smokey chocolate orange with purple tones
  • Beautiful

Yellow Daisy Margarite
Yellow Daisy
  • A more rounded and shrubby daisy than Shasta
  • This is Golden Butterfly, a native of the Canary Islands, Spain
  • This is an upright plant that makes a great background plant to fill in spaces beautifully
  • The maintenance is easy
  • It is an annual
  • Pat Nixon loved this daisy
  • They keep our bear company in the Gardens []

Trevor O'Tool Grizzly Bear

Miniature Rose Daddy's Little Girl
Daddy's Little Girl
Miniature Rose
  • Pointed, petite, plush - pink buds with a pinch ofcream on the petal reverse
  • Consistently cute in all climates