Nixon's Birthplace
Nixon's Birthplace
1912 Farm House his Father Built from a Kit

Inside Nixon's Birthplace

His Childhood Home

Posted January 2024

Nixon Birthplace Living Room
Nixon's Piano
  • He started playing at seven years old

Nixon's Piano

Nixon Violin

Nixon's Fireplace
Living Room Fireplace
  • Built by Frank Nixon

Nixon's Fireplace

Nixon Fireplace Bricks

Nixon's Fireplace Mantle
Fireplace Mantle
  • Clock was a wedding Gift to Hannah and Frank
  • Hannah and Frank Nixon 1908 wedding photo

Nixon's Dining Table
Actual Dining Table
  • Highchair in the corner was used by all five Nixon boys (4 here, one in Whittier)

Nixon's Poem and Photograph
Poem and Photograph

Nixon's Poem and Photograph
Julie Nixon Poem
  • As a 7th grader Julie Nixon wrote this poem, "A Beauty," in honor of her grandmother Hannah.

This is precious Julie. Do send a copy to your grandmother and will you make one for the newspaper (if you wish) and, please, one for me

A Beauty

She is breakers and coral
And white mountain laurel
As constant as hills and as sweet as a rose.

She is midsummer meadows
And cool mountain shadows
The dream of a child and the peace of repose.

She is soft April showers
And wild tropic flowers
A cool mountain stream and a Christmas snow.

Her manner of sweetness
Portrays life's completeness
She is my nanna -- I ought to know!

Julie Nixon

Nixon's Poem and Photograph
  • From left to right are her sister Tricia, grandparents Hannah and Frank Nixon, and Julie herself.

Nixon's Books
Book Case
  • These are some of Nixon's old Books

Nixon's Books

Nixon's Brothers Composite Photograph
Age 4 Composite Photograph
The five Nixon brothers each at age four. Each was named after an English king except Francis Donald was named after his father
  • Harold - The oldest - died of tuberculosis at 23
  • Richard - only one born in this house
  • Francis Donald - businessman
  • Arthur - died of tuberculous at 7
  • Ed - born 17 years after Richard - never lived in this house (Whittier)

Nixon Born in this bed
Nixon was Born in this Bed
  • January 9th, 1913

Nixon Bedframe
Original Bedframe

Nixon Quilt
This quilt was a gift to Frank and Hannah

Nixon Mother's Boys
Wood Picture Frames were made by Richard
  • Given to Hannah as a gift
Mother's Boys

Yes, I know there are stains on my carpet,
The traces of small muddy boots,
And I see your fair tapestry glowing,
All spotless with flowers and fruits.

And I know that my walls are disfigured,
With prints of small fingers and hands,
And that your own household most truly
In immaculate purity stands.

And I know that my parlor is littered
With many odd treasures and toys,
While your won is in daintiest order,
Unharmed by the presence of Boys.

And I know that my room is invaded
Quite boldly all hours of the day;
While you sit in yours unmolested
And dream the soft quiet away.

Yes, I know there are little bedsides
Where I must stand watchful each night,
While you go out in your carriage,
And flash in your dresses so bright.

Now, I think I'm a neat little woman,
And I like my house orderly, too;
And I'm fond of all dainty belongings,
Yet I would not change places with you.

No! Keep your fair home with its order,
Its freedom from bother and noise,
And keep your own fanciful leisure,
But give me my splendid boys.

Nixon Grandparents
Samual and Sarah Nixon
  • Richard's Grandparents

Nixon Grandparents

Nixon's Kitchen Sink
Kitchen Sink

Nixon's Kitchen Sink

Hannah Nixon's China
Hannah Nixon's China

Hannah Nixon's China

Hanna Nixon's Cookbook
Hanna Nixon's Presidential Cook Book
  • Adapted from the White House Cook Book

Hanna Nixon's Cookbook

Nixon's Pantry
  • Misc tools used
  • Actual tub they used
  • Saddle used by Frank and Harold

Nixon's Saddle

Nixon's Birthplace Bedroom
Richard Nixon's Bedroom
  • Richard Nixon shared this upstairs bedroom with his brothers Arthur, Harold, and Donald. Safety codes prohibit opening the room to the public.

Nixon's Birthplace View of Library
View of the Nixon Library
  • Facing the reflecting pool