Potsdam Declaration
Potsdam Declaration
The A-Bomb Ultimatum for Japan to Surrender

First Color Photo by Wire

Transmitted by Radio Waves

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Sent by wire from Berlin overseas to Arlington, Virginia in 1945 using radio waves.

Posted December 2023

WWII First Color Photo Transmitted
First Color Photo to ever be Electronically Transmitted
One of the Potsdam photos was the first to be transmitted in color by wire, ever!

Until then, only black and white photos could be transmitted by wire. Arthur Grant Anderson, the chief operator of the world wide Radio Photo Section of the US Army Signal Corps was at the Pentagon Building in Arlington, VA, on the receiving end of the first color news photograph ever transmitted and received by radio waves on 7/26/45, showing Atlee, Truman, and Stalin. He received it from Master Sergeant Joseph E. Dunn, who was the Radiophoto Section Chief stationed in Berlin.