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Updated July 2024
Posted May 2024

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Black Bear Diner Picnic Area

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BLACK BEAR DINERThe Black Bear Gazette
The "Bear" is Born
With a population of 3,600 and just over an hour from the Oregon border, the small mountain town of Mt. Shasta, CA is an unlikely birthplace for a thriving restaurant concept.

Luckily for all of us, when our founders Bruce Dean and Bob Manley opened the original Black Bear Diner in 1995, they had a much simpler idea for their cozy diner nestled in the forest.

"We didn't do this thinking it would ever be much more than: Bob & I wanted to run a restaurant, and maybe we could have a place to invite our friends to", explains Bruce.

Bob agrees, "That was the start: what it was like to be from a small town, where things were safe, where kids could be a part of things and moms didn't worry, where you got more than you thought you were going to get, and everything was bigger than you'd dreamed it would be."

Twenty-nine years and nearly a 160 diners later, their shared vision of what a small town, community diner should be is reborn in every diner we open.

"It's simple, really," continues Bruce. "Guests want to enjoy great food in a welcoming environment and be served by friendly staff. They want to feel their hard-earned dollar is appreciated. Folks can count on that every time they come to a Black Bear Diner"

BRUCE DEAN:We've always delivered on the promise of big portions of quality food in a great environment.


"When we first started out, people would drive 50 or 60 miles to come to Black Bear, because they said it just feels different than any other place they'd go," Bob remembers. "Bruce's food is always bigger than they thought, and better quality than they thought. And they started asking us 'can we have a Black Bear in our town?' " Bob recalls. "Until that point, we had never thought of being more than one family diner in one small town."

As Bob explains, "A brand is an expression of internal values, of internal visions, of things that come from someplace other than just the financial model. So, the more that Bruce was able to express his passion for those values through his food and operations, and the more I could express those values through the hospitality and the concept, the more we thought that

BOB MANLEY:...this brand was becoming something bigger than both of us. It had its own heart.


Staying true to these original values is the foundation of Black Bear Diner's success today. We continue to share Bruce and Bob's passion with every plate of food you enjoy, and every experience shared at Black Bear Diner.

From all of us:
Thank You! We look forward to seeing you again, and again, at 'The Bear.'

Black Bear Diner Water

Black Bear Diner Water Glass

Black Bear Diner Breakfast Menu
Breakfast Menu

Black Bear Diner Lunch Menu
Lunch Menu

Black Bear Diner Dinner Menu
Dinner Menu

Black Bear Diner Beverages & Desserts Menu
Beverages & Desserts Menu

Black Bear Diner Plenty for your Paws
Plenty for your Paws
  • Get what you want, when you want it, the way you want it.

Black Bear Diner Blueberries
For Bears that love Blueberries

Black Bear Diner Bear Stacks
Bear Stacks
Tall on Flavor
  • Double Bacon Stack
  • Hand Breaded Crispy Chicken Stack
  • Tri-Tip Cheddar Stack
  • Crispy Cod Stack

BLACK BEAR DINER:Chicken fried steak and eggs, eggs up, country potatoes, biscuits and gravy

Black Bear Diner Chicken Fried Steak and Eggs
Chicken Fried Steak and Eggs
Black Bear Diner Chicken Fried Steak and Eggs

Black Bear Diner Biscuits and Gravy Side
Biscuits and Gravy
Black Bear Diner Biscuits and Gravy Side

BLACK BEAR DINER:Crispy chicken cobb salad with ranch

Black Bear Diner Crispy Chicken Cobb Salad
Crispy Chicken Cobb Salad

Black Bear Diner Baked Goods
Baked Goods
Prepared on site

Black Bear Diner Pepper Sauce
Pepper Sauce
  • Baby Burn Original
  • Mama Burn Chipotle
  • Papa Burn Habanero

Black Bear Diner Baby Burn
Baby Burn
Original Pepper Sauce

Black Bear Diner Mama Burn
Mama Burn
Chipotle Pepper Sauce

Black Bear Diner Papa Burn
Papa Burn
Habanero Pepper Sauce

Black Bear Diner Shasta Steak Sauce
Shasta Steak Sauce

Black Bear Diner Bear Crossing

Black Bear Diner Theodore Roosevelt
Teddy Bear
In 1902, the 26th President of the United States refused to shoot a black bear while out hunting. So popular was Theodore Roosevelt that toy bears were created to celebrate the event. And so was born the Teddy (Roosevelt) Bear. Strange to say, almost all teddy bears are brown instead of black.

Black Bear Diner Mural Butterfly

Black Bear Diner Bear Produce

Black Bear Diner Black Berries

Black Bear Diner Navel

Black Bear Diner #feedyourinnnerbear

Black Bear Diner Bear Country
Entering Bear Country

Black Bear Diner Counter

Black Bear Diner Bar Stool Pushin Luck

Black Bear Diner Bar Stool Pushin Luck

Black Bear Diner Bar Stool Pushin Luck
I get my exercise ...
just pushin my luck

Black Bear Diner Bar Stool Your Dog
Just be the person ...
your dog thinks you are!

Black Bear Diner Bar Stool Keep Quiet
Never miss a good chance ...
to keep quiet!

Black Bear Diner Bar Stool No Foot
Remember, a closed mouth gathers no foot!

Black Bear Diner Bar Stool After Coffee
Live Begins after Coffee!

Black Bear Diner Bar Stool Hug
Ruff day ...
Need a hug!

Black Bear Diner Bar Stool Work Out
I work out early ...
before my body knows what I'm up to

Black Bear Diner Bar Stool Great Man
Behind every great man ...
is a woman rolling her eyes

Black Bear Diner Bar Stool Think
Ever stop to think ...
and forget to start?

Black Bear Diner Bar Stool Goal
My goal in live is to be as great ...
as my dog thinks I am!

Black Bear Diner Bar Stool Money
All I ask is a chance to prove that money ...
can't make me happy!

Black Bear Diner No Bear Hunting

Black Bear Diner Gone Fishin

Black Bear Diner Decor

Black Bear Diner Picnic Raids

Black Bear Diner Climbing Bear

Black Bear Diner Fishin Hole

Black Bear Diner Beary Yummy
Beary Yummy
Bear Country
There's no Place like Cave

Black Bear Diner Grin & Bear It
Grin & Bear It

Black Bear Diner Unbearably Hungry
Unbearably Hungry

Black Bear Diner Welcome to

Black Bear Diner Welcome to

Black Bear Diner Be Pawsitive
Be Pawsitive

Black Bear Diner Hibearnation Cave
Hibearnation Cave

Black Bear Diner 2 Paws Up
2 Paws Up

Black Bear Diner Bear in Mind
Bear in Mind

Black Bear Diner Bear Necessities
Bear Necessities

Black Bear Diner Honey Tree

Black Bear Diner Makin Tracks
Black Bear Diner Bear Hugs
Black Bear Diner Decor Makin Tracks

Black Bear Diner Monday Jukebox
Jukebox Monday
Working from opening to closing, Bruce and Bob couldn't count on a regular paycheck for themselves. Money was tight at the newly opened Mt. Shasta diner, so each Monday, they eagerly opened the jukebox to see how many quarters they had from guests playing their favorite songs. Quickly dubbed 'Jukebox Monday,' the guys began paying themselves in silver from the music machine!

Black Bear Diner Jukebox

Black Bear Diner Jukebox Monday

Black Bear Diner Pies

Black Bear Diner Gift Shop

Black Bear Diner Trouble Bruin
Trouble Bruin
At last Bearadise

Black Bear Diner Rainbow Twisty Bear Lollipops

Bruin: - Folk name for a brown bear

Black Bear Diner Stuffed Bears

Black Bear Diner Bear Boots

Black Bear Diner Happy Camper Mugs
Black Bear Diner Express
Black Bear Diner Feed Your Inner Bear Mugs

Black Bear Diner Ray Schulz
Ray Schulz
Everyone enjoys the signature bear carvings done for Black Bear Diner by Ray Schulz from Washington State. Ray has been making our bears since 1999 and has carved over 200 bears for Black Bear Diner so far.

Carved out of cedar logs that Ray purchases from private loggers in Washington, the bears are styled to reflect unique aspects of the area the restaurant is located. Ray has created such diverse bears as skiing bears to farmer bears to hunters and cowboys! Of course, most impressive of all is the 12' giant Black Bear, which is a common sight at each of our restaurants.

Black Bear Diner Giant Carved Bear

Black Bear Diner Giant Carved Bear

Black Bear Diner Giant Carved Bear

Black Bear Diner Welcome Bear

Black Bear Diner Carved Welcome Bear

Black Bear Diner Wait to be Seated Bear

Black Bear Diner Do Feed The Bears

Black Bear Diner Fishing Bear
Black Bear Diner Carved Bears
Black Bear Diner Welcome To Bear

Black Bear Diner Bear Benches

Black Bear Diner Carved Moma Bear
Black Bear Diner Do Not Feed
Black Bear Diner Guide to Picnic
Black Bear Diner Guide to Picnic Raids

BLACK BEAR DINERThe Black Bear Gazette
Mission Statement
To be the pre-eminent family dining concept, providing excellent food and value, served in a fun, uniquely bear themed atmosphere by friendly, committed and knowledgable employees.
Black Bear Values
  • To be a company of integrity that believes in a win / win outlook in all that we do.
  • To be a company that values the contributions and hard work of all of our employees.
  • To be a company that truly values each and every customer.
  • To be a company of passion and energy, which creates a fun but professional atmosphere.
  • To be a company that stands for excellence in all that we do, down to the last detail.
  • To be a company that celebrates the best in being human. Old fashioned values. Sense of humor. Being the best we can be.

Black Bear Diner Founding Families
Founding Families
  • Bruce & Michelle Dean
  • Bob & Laurie Manley

Black Bear Diner Bruce Dean
Bruce Dean
Co-Founder and President, started in the restaurant business in 1970 as a dishwasher

Black Bear Diner Outside

1995Mount Shasta, CA
1997Redding, CA
1999Yreka, CH
Sparks, MV
Salinas, CA
Willows, CA
2000Madras, OR
Las Vegas - Tropicana, NV
2001Klamath Falls, OR
Ballhead City, AZ
2002Gilroy, CA
Sonoma, CA
2003Bend, OR
Rohnert Park, CA
Lake Havasa City, AZ
Suisun City, CA
2004Tulare, CA
Reno, NV
Porterville, CA
2005Glendale, AZ
Hanford, CA
Beaverton, OR
Monterey, CA
2006Goodyear, HZ
Co. Springs - Academy Blvd., CO
Medford, OR
2007Walnut Creek, CA
Federal Way, WA
Gilbert, AZ
2008Oakley, CA
Redmond, OR
Fernley, NV
2009Madera, CA
Napa, CA
Davis, CA
2010Modesto, CA
Vacaville, CA
Sacramento - Natomas, CA
Tracy, CA
2011Sandy, UT
Grants Pass, OR
St. George, UT
Vallejo, CA
Milpitas, CA
Merced, CA
2012Sequim, WA
Manteca, CA
Boise - Entertainment five., ID
Signal Hill, CA
Los Banos, CA
2013Roseville, CA
Emeryville, CA
Torrance, CA
West Jordan, UT
Bakersfield, CA
Auburn, CA
Fremont, CA
Pleasanton, CA
2014Visalia, CA
Buena Park, CH
Hayward, CA
Gresham, OR
Arvin, CA
Henderson, NV
2015Woodland, CA
West Valley City, UT
Orem, UT
Sunnyvale, CA
Co. Springs - Garden of the Gods, CO
Danville, CA
Elk Grove, CA
Vancouver, WA
2016Chandier, AZ
La Habra, CA
Carson City, NV
Fullarton, CA
Las Vegas - Summerlin, NV
Santa Ana, CA
Draper, UT
Tempe, AZ
American Fork, UT
Barstow, CA
2017Newberg, OK
Idaho Falls ID
Ogden, UT
Cottonwood, AZ
Citrus Heights, CA
Chino, CA
Sacramento - Arden Way, CA
Las Vegas - LV. Bivd., NV
Wilsonville, OR
Lakewood, WA
Puyallup, WA
Yuma, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Colma, CA
Laveen, AZ
Twin Falls, ID
Boise - State Street, ID
San Rafael, CA
Midwest City, OK
Tarzana, CA
2018Layton, UT
Fountain, CO
Katy, TX
Quail Springs, OK
Santa Clarita, CA
Woods Cross, UT
Washington, UT
Riverton, UT
Humble, TX
Tulsa, OK
St. Charles, MO
Great Falls, MT
Moreno Valley, CA
2019Turlock, CA
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Murrieta, CA
Fresno, CA
North Little Rock, AR
Portland, OR
Beaumont, TX
Downey, CA
El Cajon, CA
Simi Valley, CA
Moore, OK
League City, TX
Lodi, CA
North Houston, TX
Kingman, AZ
Olathe, KS
Independence, MO
Sugar Land, TX
2020The Woodlands, TX
Cypres, TX
Aurora, CO
Colton, CA
Fayetteville, AR
Scottsdale, AZ
2021Brownsville, TX
2022Ventura, CA
Pasadena, TX
Palmdale, CA
McAllen, TX
Mesquite, TX
San Antonio, TX - Military
Chico, CA
Amarillo, TX
El Paso, TX
Harker Heights, TX
2023Richfield, UT
San Antonio, TX - Ackerman
Menifee, CA
Tonopah, AZ
Yucca Valley, CA
Fort Worth, TX - Alliance
Burleson, TX

Black Bear Diner Mural
Black Bear Diner Ventura Sign

Black Bear Diner Lake Mural

Black Bear Diner Tree Mural

Black Bear Diner

WIKIPEDIABlack Bear Diner
A restaurant chain in the Western United States which serves homestyle and "old-fashioned" comfort foods.

  • The first restaurant was opened in Mount Shasta, California in 1995
  • Founded by Bruce Dean and Bob & Laurie Manley.
  • Based in Redding, California.
  • 156 locations in 13 states (As of January 2024).
  • Black Bear decor has a rustic motif with "over-the-top bear paraphernalia."
  • Every restaurant is decorated with a 12-foot-tall black bear carving by artist Ray Schulz. Additional murals and artwork are created for each restaurant by Steve and Gary Fitzgerald and Colleen Mitchell-Veyna.
  • It offers family meals such as breakfast, burgers, salads, and shakes.
  • Baked goods prepared on site.
  • Some locations offer alcohol.
  • The menu mimics an old newspaper titled The Black Bear Gazette, with articles on the front page. The children's menu is similarly styled with the title The Beary Tale Times and features children's activities.

The company's leadership announced plans to be a "coast to coast" brand in January 2024.

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