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Future Farmers of America


Posted September 2022

California FFA:
Rich in history with an eye toward the future, California’s school-based agricultural education program seeks to prepare all students for satisfying careers in and outside of the agriculture industry. The multi-faceted approach to growing the whole person includes a focus on character and interpersonal skill development, technical acumen and critical thinking capabilities.

Beginning in the early 20th century in California, agricultural education has a long tradition of preparing students for rigorous, satisfying careers both within and outside of the industry. As a school-based learning program, agricultural education operates as a unit within the California Department of Education and is written into the state’s legislative education code.

FFA Vision
Agricultural Education envisions a world where ALL people value and understand the vital role of agriculture, food, fiber and natural resource systems in advancing personal and global well-being

FFA Mission
Agricultural Education prepares students for successful careers and a lifetime of informed choices in the global agriculture, food, fiber and natural resource systems

  • To create an environment where every student is valued, respected and engaged in the three-ring model of agricultural education
  • To provide students with rigorous and relevant education in agriculture in order that they may become career and college ready
  • To cultivate students’ capacity for life-long leadership through character development and skill attainment in integrity, critical thinking and innovative problem solving
  • To provide experiences for students to develop an understanding of and respect for the agriculture industry
  • To enhance student learning through financial literacy and resource management
  • To develop relationships with other organizations that are engaged in aligned work
  • To connect with stakeholders and the public through multiple media platforms

Camarillo Future Farmers of America
Future Farmers of America - Camarillo FFA
  • Internships
  • Sheep Project
  • Officer Team
  • Farm Power Team
  • Tractor Driving
  • Crafting
  • Horticulture Projects
  • Gardens
  • Loan Analysis Contest
  • Community Outreach

Camarillo Future Farmers of America

Adolfo Camarillo High School FFA
Adolfo Camarillo High School Agriculture Department
Agriculture Department and Camarillo FFA at Adolfo Camarillo High School

Adolfo Camarillo High School FFA

Ventura County Fair Future Farmers of America
Future Farmers of America - Carpenteria FFA

Carpinteria FFA What is FFA?
The National FFA Organization (FFA) is a high school program, like AVID or FCCLA. However, the goal of FFA is to promote student growth, leadership, and career development through agriculture education.

What will FFA prepare me for? Being a part of Carpinteria FFA will prepare you to pursue careers that range from biomedical engineering to construction management; even a past president of the United States was in FFA!

Examples of careers that FFA students pursue include:

  • Agricultural Law
  • Welding
  • Veterinary / Human Medicine
  • Agricultural Business
  • Engine Mechanics
  • Much More!

What else can I do as a member of Carpenteria FFA?
As a member of Carpinteria FFA, you have many benefits. Examples of these benefits include:

  • The potential to raise animals (cattle, pigs, goats, sheep,...) for the Ventura County Fair
  • Traveling to, and / or connecting with, world-renowned universities and technical colleges across the United States
  • Participating in sectional, regional, state, or national agriculture skills-competitions with FFA programs from around the nation

Fillmore Future Farmers of America
Future Farmers of America - Fillmore FFA

FFA Creed

I believe in the future of agriculture, with a faith born not of words but of deeds - achievements won by the present and past generations of agriculturists; in the promise of better days through better ways, even as the better things we now enjoy have come to us from the struggles of former years.

I believe that to live and work on a good farm, or to be engaged in other agricultural pursuits, is pleasant as well as challenging; for I know the joys and discomforts of agricultural life and hold an inborn fondness for those associations which, even in hours of discouragement, I cannot deny.

I believe in leadership from ourselves and respect from others. I believe in my own ability to work efficiently and think clearly, with such knowledge and skill as I can secure, and in the ability of progressive agriculturists to serve our own and the public interest in producing and marketing the product of our toil.

I believe in less dependence on begging and more power in bargaining; in the life abundant and enough honest wealth to help make it so--for others as well as myself; in less need for charity and more of it when needed; in being happy myself and playing square with those whose happiness depends upon me.

I believe that American agriculture can and will hold true to the best traditions of our national life and that I can exert an influence in my home and community which will stand solid for my part in that inspiring task.

The creed was written by E. M. Tiffany, and adopted at the 3rd National Convention of the FFA. It was revised at the 38th Convention and the 63rd Convention.

Santa Paula Future Farmers of America
Future Farmers of America - Santa Paula FFA

Not all heroes wear capes... Ours wear Blue Corduroy! Why the blue jacket?
The jacket represents a lifestyle of new opportunities, tradition, leadership, agriculture, commitment, pride, community service, social responsibility, a sense of belonging, + so much more. When an FFA member is wearing official dress, they are held to a higher standard. They are held to the FFA Standard.

Learning to do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, Living to Serve...

Flowers provided by Otto & Sons Nursery Fillmore, CA
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Santa Paula Future Farmers of America Blue Jacket

Ventura Future Farmers of America
Future Farmers of America - Ventura FFA

UC Approved Courses:

  • Agriculture Biology
  • Landscape Design
  • Floral Design

Horticulture focused program with nearly 150 students annually.

Ventura HighMany Thanks to Mrs. Minadeo and her Visual Arts Foundation class for the superhero and fruit drawings!

Ventura FFA Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera
Heals Like Magic!

Ventura FFA Eat Citrus Fruits
Eat Citrus Fruits
Eat citrus fruits with iron rich foods to help improve iron's absorption

Ventura FFA The Snake Plant
The Snake Plant
Loki is a bit of a snake but the snake plant is one of NASA's top 5 picks for house plants that clean the air

Ventura FFA Lavender
LavenderLavender can improve your sleep and make you feel superhuman!

Ventura FFA Anna and Dorsett Apples
Anna and Dorsett Apples
I needed serum to become Captain America! Anna and Dorsett Apple Varieties just need their genetics to be perfect for Ventura!

Ventura FFA Pomegranate
My twin brother likes Coffee! I prefer Pomegranate - the super-fruit with the most potent blend of antioxidants.

Ventura FFA Madagascar Vanilla
Madagascar Vanilla Bean Orchids
I am Groot

VanillaEdmond Albus, a 12 year old slave in Reunion France discovered how to hand pollinate vanilla in order to make vanilla bean production faster and profitable

Ventura FFA Spider Plant
Spider Plant (chlorophytum comosum)

Ventura FFA Water Wise Gardening
Water Wise Gardening
The vison of the future is water wise gardening!

Ventura FFA Arabica Coffee
Arabica Coffee
Quicksilver is faster than the speed of sound because of Arabica Coffee!

Ventura HighAll Plants displayed are portions of Supervised Agriculture Experience Projects

Ventura FFA Cactus and Succulents
Cactus and Succulents
While there are some cactus and succulents that are suitable for food, many are toxic to humans and pets. Some are toxic to touch! Please check before planting to keep yourself and pets safe!

Ventura FFA Southern California Coffee Trees
Southern California Coffee Trees
Currently there are more than 70 farms led by Frinj Coffee founder Jay Ruskey. There are over 100,000 coffee trees planted in central and southern California, as of Sept. 2021! Ventura High has 8 trees to help teach students about this valuable commodity!

Ventura FFA The Pomegranate
The Pomegranate
The pomegranate is grown in many parts of the world, and has different symbolic meaning depending on where you are. In some cultures it signifies death, and in others fertility.

Ventura FFA Lavender Plant
Lavender Plant
Lavender, like Black Panther comes from Africa, (as well as other regions). It was used to mummify the dead. and was believed to ward off disease.

Ventura FFA Crassulacean Acid Metabolism
Crassulacean Acid Metabolism
Snake plants are on the top of the list of air purifying plants. The unusual thing they do is that they actually release oxygen at night though a process called Crassulacean Acid Metabolism (cam).

Ventura FFA Benefits of Aloe
Benefits of Aloe
There have been over 700 studies on the benefits of Aloe

The Cougar Press:
Student News Site of Ventura High School

Ventura High School’s Agricultural Business pathway is a program that is made up of three classes. These classes are agricultural biology, landscape design, and floral design. They are taught by agriculture teacher Amy Lewandoski, who has been teaching at VHS since 1990.

Another component of the Agricultural Business pathway is the FFA. Originally the Future Farmers of America, it is now officially called the National FFA Organization. Agricultural Business pathway students are required to be a part of the FFA. According to the FFA, “FFA is an intracurricular student organization for those interested in agriculture and leadership. It is one of the three components of agricultural education."

Amy LewandoskiAgricultural Biology is the beginning of the Agricultural Business pathway, and once students start there hopefully they discover an interest for plants other than food crops.

Lewandoski said, “The FFA program teaches [students] leadership. FFA is the integral youth leadership organization that all Agricultural Business pathway students are involved in."

Senior Nicolas Aoki, who takes Floral Design during second period and is an FFA member, said, “FFA is a really good experience to meet new people and do things you haven’t done before."

Lewandoski said, “I think that the [FFA] program provides students with knowledge about an industry that is largely misunderstood. I think that it is largely looked down upon. Hopefully it gives [students] knowledge and desire to work in the [agricultural] industry and support it even if they don’t necessarily work in it."