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Dodger's Organ Player

Dieter Ruehle

Posted October 2022

Dodger's Organ Player
The organ music will give you lots of clues about what's going on in the game. For example:
  • Stayin' Alive when a batter keeps fouling off pitches
  • Twin Peaks theme when the count is 2-2
  • Gilligan's Island theme at the three hour mark ("a three hour tour...")
  • Brady Bunch theme when Trevor Story comes up ("Here's a story..." )
  • Imperial March when the opposing manager comes out to remove a pitcher
  • Hawaii 5-0 theme when the score is 5-0
  • The Ocean by Led Zeppelin when Bumgarner is pitching.
  • The Sign by Ace of Base when the Astros are playing
  • Smoke on the Water when madbum was here last
  • Billie Eilish "Bad Guy" when Jose Altuve was up
  • Amber by 311 when it's a 3-1 count and 1 out in the inning
  • Con te Partiro (Time to Say Goodbye) in the ninth when the Dodgers are winning
  • The Curb Your Enthusiasm theme when an opposing player misses a play or does something dumb
  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind when someone hits a ball that just goes foul along the third base line
  • Lately Dieter has been playing "Blue Da Ba Dee" a bunch
  • Kourtney Turner's podcast theme song when Justin makes a putout
  • When Chris Martin pitched he played Coldplay's Yellow
  • 1-1 count he'll sometimes play One is the loneliest number
  • When Joe and Orel make some sort of reference to a song or to Dieter directly and he goes along with it and plays it up in the stadium
  • Never Let Me Down Again (I'm taking a ride with my best friend) when 2 runners move up
  • The Simpsons theme song when Joey Bart from the Giants is up
  • Smelly Cat from Friends when Tony Gonsolin gets a batter out
  • The Meow Mix theme song when Catman gets a strikeout
  • Stop me if you heard this one before by the Smiths for Will Smith.
  • Walking in LA and walk like an Egyptian for a walk. Also Walk of Life
  • High Hopes by Panic! At The Disco when someone hits a high infield pop up
  • Dolly Parton 9-5 when the score is 9-5
  • The old/classic Monday Night Football theme if it's 7-0 or any common football score
  • Andy Griffith Show theme song for CT
  • Outfielder missed a catch because he lost it in the lights and Dieter played "Blinding Lights" by the Weekend
  • When Manny Machado strikes out, he always plays The Hustle
  • Once he played The Jeffersons theme song when Lux was up - Movin' on up... to a deluxe apartment in the sky
  • The Pirates made a gnarly error - Dieter played What Would You Do With A Drunken Sailor
  • Gerry Rafferty "right down the line" whenever there's a foul bowl that goes along the line
  • Price is Right theme when Price comes up to pitch
  • Mission Impossible when the opposing pitcher makes a super sneaky move to first base
  • Time To Say Goodbye when we get an out in the 9th while leading
  • Yoshi's Island for old Friend Tsutsugo is a treat
  • Final Countdown during the last batter in the bottom of the 9th
  • Werewolves of London whenever Charlie Blackmon comes up to bat
  • Time to say good night in the ninth inning
You can ask Dieter Ruehle yourself via Twitter, he responds to fans when he can
For fans of @DieterRuehle, @Dodgers organist & best in @MLB, who are always delighted, sometimes bewildered by his song choices. Let's figure it out together! At a #Dodgers home game? Watching at home? Tweet what @DieterRuehle is playing and its relevance to the player, action or occasion. If you don't know, ask here; if you do, pitch in.


Dieter Ruehle
Dieter Ruehle
Not only plays for the Dodgers but the LA KINGS as well

LA Dodger Talk
Dieter's Creative Tunes
Dieter has brought his personality to games and humor that sometimes goes unnoticed. If you pay attention and log his tunes, you'll find that he comes up with music for just about every in-game situation you can fathom. Anyone following the Dodgers with an eye and ear for detail will notice how engaged he is. Aside from his constant serenading of individual player walk-up songs when they make a play, there are other nuances that can be noticed.

Figuring out the song title or lyric puns within the game can be a game in itself with Ruehle. It is literally a game of "Name that Tune" at the ballpark.

Other song puns I have noticed (and there are dozens that I most assuredly have missed):

  • Kate Bush's Running Up That Hill was played during Padre sidearm lefty pitcher Tim Hill's appearance.
  • The theme from Twin Peaks. Often paid when there is a 2-2 count.
  • The Beatles Norwegian Wood when Alex Wood takes the mound.
  • Maxwell's Silver Hammer when Muncy does well.
  • Close balls hit down the line are accompanied by the theme from Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind.
  • The Theme from Dragnet after a Dodger batter was hit by a pitch.
  • House of the Rising Sun when Kenta Maeda pitched.
  • Theme from Gilligan's Island when the game hits the Three Hour mark as in three-hour tour.
  • Theme from Hawaii Five-0 when the team takes a 5-0 lead or when #50 Mookie Betts makes a highlight play.
  • Theme from Monday night football when the Dodgers take a football score-like 7-0 lead.
  • Theme from the obscure TV show Room 222 when the deuces are wild in numerous parts of the game.
  • Ruehle's spontaneous repertoire has included Carole King's I Feel the Earth Move Under My Feet, during a small earthquake that occurred during a game in 2018.
  • Closing Time from the musical Rain when the season ended.

No previous Dodger organist would dare poke fun at an opposing player through music. Well, that changed. When former Astros were in town, the gloves were off. Josh Reddick came to the plate to Ace of Base's I Saw the Sign. Carlos Correa received Ray Charles' Hit the Road, Jack. After striking out. Changers were in effect.

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