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Bird Cage Theatre
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Posted Sunday May 15th 2022

Bird Cage Theater William Faversham
William Faversham
William Faversham, Born 1868 in England of American parents. After completing his education abroad he came to the Unites States in 1888. In 1893 joined the Empire Theatre Company, becoming leading man in 1896. His debut as a star was as Don Caesar in 'A Royal Rival' in 1898. From then on he starred until retirement in 1914. He married Julie Opp.

Bird Cage Theater John Drew
John Drew
Drew, John, Born in Philadelphia 1853, Died 1927. Son of John Drew also a player. He made his first appearance when nineteen years old, at the Arch Street Theatre, Philadelphia, which was managed by his mother at that time. She viewed his performance from a box and when the final curtain fell she rolled her eyes and said, "What an awful young man! He'll never make an actor." He joined Augustin Daly's Company and later supported Edwin Booth in Shakespeare plays. He was leading man in Augustin Daly's Company, and after 1884 he starred with Charles Frohman in 'Rosemary', 'The Squire of Dames', 'Tyranny of Tears', etc. 'The School for Scandal', 'Trelawney of the Wells', 'Smith', and 'The Circle' 1923 which was his last appearance.

Bird Cage Theater Young Fernald
Young Fernald
  • Henry Miller
  • Margaret Anglin

Bird Cage Theater Margaret Anglin
Margaret Anglin
Anglin, M., Born 1876 (daughter of Hon. T. W. Anglin) at Ottawa, Canada. Her debut was in New York in 'Shenendoah' 1894. She starred with Mansfield in 'Cyrano de Bergerac' in 1898. Other hits in which she starred were, 'The Great Divide' 'Mrs. Danes Defense' and 'Joan of Arc'. In 1910, Greek Theatre Berkeley, she played Sophocles 'Antigone' and 'Trojan Women of Euripedes'. In 1911 she played in the delightful comedy, 'Green Stockings'.

Bird Cage Theater Nance Maurice Ethel

Bird Cage Theater Nance O'Neill
Nance O'Neill
O'Neill, Nance (Gertrude Lamson), Born in 1874 in Oakland California. Her first appearance was in San Francisco. In 1899 her debut in London was as Leah, in 'The Jewess'. She made a world tour in 1900. Starring in Vehicles 'Magda', 'Hedda Gabler', 'Macbeth', 'Monna Vama', and 'The Lily'. She was one of Belasco's famous stars.

Bird Cage Theater Maurice Barrymore
Maurice Barrymore

Bird Cage Theater Ethel Barrymore
Ethel Barrymore
Barrymore, Ethel (Mrs. Russell Colt), Born in Philadelphia 1879. She was daughter of Maurice and Georgianna Drew Barrymore, sister of John and Lionel, and niece of John Drew. Her first performance on the stage was with her grandmother, Louis Drew in 'The Rivals' starring Joseph Jefferson, in Montreal, Canada. Later in New York she played with her uncle, John Drew. Her first staring Vehicles were Ibsen's 'Doll House' in 1905, and in Barrie's 'Alice Sit by the Fire', in 1906. She starred continuously from that time to the present.

Bird Cage Theater Nance The Fortune Hunter

Bird Cage Theater The Lily
Maude Adams
  • The Lily
  • What Every Woman Knows

Bird Cage Theater Maude Adams
Maude Adams
Adams, Maude (Kiscaddon), American actress born 1872. First appearance with E. H. Southern in 'The Midnight Bell' in 1888. After graduating from Charles Frohman's Stock Company, she played in 'The Masked Ball' with John Drew 1892. She was starred in J.M. Barrie's 'Little Minister' in 1899-1900. Played the Duke in Rostand's 'L'Aiglon' and in 1905-07 played 'Peter Pan'. 'Chanticleer' she played in 1910-1911.

Bird Cage Theater Soldiers of Fortune
  • Robert Edeson Soldiers of Fortune
  • Viola Allen The Eternal City
  • Eleanor Robson Salomy Jane

Bird Cage Theater Robert Edeson
Robert Edeson
Edeson, Robert, 1868-1931, American actor, Born New Orleans, Louisiana. He first appeared at Park Theatre, New York City 1887 in 'Fascination'. He starred in the following plays: 'Soldiers of Fortune' 1902, 'Ransoms Folly' and 'Strongheart' 1905-07, 'Classmates' 1907, 'The Sinner' 1908, 'The Call of the North' 1908-09, 'The Offenders' 1908, 'The Noble Spaniard' 1909, 'A Man's A Man' 1910, 'The Caveman' 1911, 'The Indiscretion of Truth' 1912, 'Fine Feathers' 1913, 'Where the Trail Divides' 1910, his own play. He was in pictures after 1921.

Bird Cage Theater Viola Allen
Viola Allen
Allen, Viola, American actress. Born 1869 at Huntsville, Alabama. When she was fifteen years old she made her debut at Madison Square Theatre, New York in 'Esmeralda'. She played the chief Shakeperean roles with Salvini, Lawrence Barrett and Joseph Jefferson. She married Peter E.C. Duryea in 1906.

Bird Cage Theater Eleanor Elise Robson
Eleanor Elise Robson
Robson, Eleanor Elise, American actress, born in England 1879. She appeared first on stage 1897 San Francisco. First appeared in New York in 'Arizona' 1900, and then was seen in leading roles in 'A Gentleman of France' 1901, 'Audry' 1902, 'Romeo and Juliet' 1903. Her first great Success was in 'Merely Mary Ann' in 1903-05. Later she starred in 'She Stoops to Conquer' 1905, 'Salome Jane' 1907 and 'The Dawn of a Tomorrow' 1908-10. She married August Belmont and retired in 1910.

Bird Cage Theater The School for Scandal
  • The School for Scandal
  • Mrs JR Vincent
  • Warren William
  • Fanchon the Cricket

Bird Cage Theater Warren William
Warren William
Warren, William, 1812-1888. Born Boston. (Outed from old Boston Museum Days by Kate Ryan) "William Warren - gentleman, scholar, and actor! And what an actor he was! The mere mention of his name recalls to old theatergoers his surprising versatility." His first appearance was in 1846 at the Howard Athenaeum in 'The Rivals'. He played with Jefferson - Irving - Edwin Booth - John McCullough and many other luminaries of his day.

Bird Cage Theater Ticket of Leave Man
Ticket of Leave Man

Bird Cage Theater George W Wilson
George W Wilson
Wilson, George W. 1846-1916 - As a member of the Boston Museum Company and on tour with Maggie Mitchell - Southern and Jefferson - he won the reputation of being one of the best character comedians in this country.

Bird Cage Theater JA Smith
JA Smith
Smith, J.A, Born Philadelphia 1813 died 1883. A Comedian of great skill whose depiction of foppish characters has never been equaled- greatly beloved by the public, he was affectionately known as "Smithy".

Bird Cage Theater Tom Taylor
Tom Taylor
Taylor, Tom - Author of "Ticket of Leave Man", was born in England 1817 died 1880. Although this play made a fortune for producers over a period of many years, Taylor received only a thousand dollars for it. He collaborated with Charles Reade in writing "Masks and Faces", and his "Our American Cousin" is frequently revived in the present day theatre. Taylor's work is representative of all the glaring defects of the Victorian dramatists who, taking public's taste as criterion, poured forth poor farce comedy and deep dyed melodrama. To his contemporaries however, he was an acknowledged genius. (this play can be found in Representative British Dramas, edited by Moses.). On this program you will see the name of Fanny Davenport's mother, Mrs. E. L. Davenport (formerly Fanny Vining, and English actress.).

Bird Cage Theater Maggie Mitchell
Maggie Mitchell
Mitchell, Maggie (Margaret Julia) 1832-1918, born in New York. Made her first appearance as Julia in 'The Soldier's Daughter' at the Chambers Street Theatre, New York in 1851. She was the toast of her day - for her charm, beauty and wit made her a country wide favorite. Her most famous roles were Jane Eyre, Mignon, Little Barefoot and Fanchon the Cricket.