Corn Stacks Plaque
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Corn Stacks Plaque


Posted April 2022

Indian Trails Corn Stacks

Corn Stacks Plaque Close Up
Corn Stacks
Neat stacks of brilliantly colored corn were piled high in the corner of every household. Each family tried to keep at least a year's supply, in case of famine. Although men were responsible for planting and harvesting, the seeds belonged to the women, who kept seeds for every crop the family grew.

Corn was ground on a series of progressively smoother stones, called Metales, with an oblong grinding stone, called a Mano, until it was almost powder like.

Women and girls of the family would talk and sing as they worked, sometimes flirting with young men who would come to court through the open window.

Cornmeal was then heaped onto a flat basket once it reached its desired fineness. Batter was then dripped by hand onto a Duma, a heated piece of greased sandstone, and fried into flat cakes called Pika.

Indian Trails Corn Stacks Window