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Posted May 2022

Western Trails Museum Wishon Side Saddle
Wishon Side Saddle
Side saddle donated to Western Trails Museum by:
  • Harbert L Wishon, Quincy, Ill.
  • Paul M Wishon, Quincy, Ill.
  • Mary H Sag, Garden Grove, Calif.
  • Tho SA Wishon, Long Beach, Calif.
Saddle being the property of their mother Sarah L Wishon. It is nearly 100 years old and tells of a romantic day gone from the American Scene.

Western Trails Museum Wishon Saddle
Wishon Saddle

Western Trails Museum Civil War Army Saddle
Civil War Army Saddle
Converted for civilian use, many or these old civil war saddles were rebuilt and this type was used by scouts, plainsmen, and buffalo hunters. Many of these old saddles were still in use in the 1890's. Many were used by cowboys on tho plains of Texas and New Mexico. Farmers of the Upper Cross Timbers or Texas had them. They were awkward and clumsy looking affairs. Donated to Western Trails Museum by David A Jenkins of Norwalk, Calif. 1966. What a wonderful story!

Western Trails Museum Pack Saddle
Pack Saddle
Found South of abandoned mining camp of Bensen, Calif., South of Nipton.

Western Trails Museum Burro Pack Saddle
Pack Saddle
Used by Lewis Wyman of Silverton, Colo., Who made a fortune from Burro Pack Trains in 1890.

Western Trails Museum Nes Saddle Salmon Eastern
Nes Saddle Salmon Eastern

Western Trails Museum Quail Springs Pack Saddle
Pack Saddle found at Qual Springs, Colorado Desert of California.

Western Trails Museum Pack Saddle
Pack Saddle

Western Trails Museum Sunset Colorado Pack Saddle
Sunset Colorado Pack Saddle
Pack Saddle found in woods near abandoned ghost camp of sunset colorado.