Carved Boots Bench
Knotts Berry Farm
Trying to Photograph everything there

Carved Boots Bench

Made with a Chainsaw

Carved by Dave Clarke

Posted Friday March 4th 2022

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Knott's Berry Farm Chainsaw Carved Bench
Chainsaw Carved Bench

Dave Clarke of Chips 'N Critters
Dave Clarke of Chips 'N Critters
Arriving in 1896 in a covered wagon, Dave’s Grandfather eventually homesteaded in Northwest Montana. Dave was born and raised there, and there he chose to raise his family, do his art work, and enjoy his life under that same “Big Sky” that he loves.

Chainsaw sculpture is Western Art at its’ finest. Growing up in the majestic, rugged mountainous region instilled a deep respect of outdoor life and appreciation of its’ incredible beauty. His art work reflects that spirit.

His first carving with a chainsaw drew lots of attention. There have been many demonstrations and carvings since then. Some have taken him to see distant corners of our world and walks of life. It all started in Eureka, in 1971, with such positive local support. “Thank you, my good friends there in my hometown!”

Dave has had many TV appearances, including being featured on“ ABC’s Good Morning America” with Charles Gibson and Joan Lunden. He has received many accolades and has proudly represented his beloved state of Montana. He has met many interesting people over the past forty years carving and he feels that is one of the best parts of his career. Custom work is his specialty and each piece is numbered, signed and dated.

See you at Knott's Now, with travels to Japan, China, Canada, and States coast to coast under his belt, you may catch him at Knott’s Berry Farm in Southern California, maybe at his remote studio in rural Eureka (Rexford) Montana, or often someplace in between.

Chainsaw carving is Western Art at it's finest, and we have both in Montana! Custom work is Dave's specialty and each original piece is numbered, signed and dated.

Chainsaw Carved Bench Photo Op

Boots bench underneath
Took pictures underneath the bench looking for a signature

Boots bench underside
Only found a little gum