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1907 Multiphone

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Posted March 2022


This is a MULTIPHONE OF THE Multiphone Operating Company of New York, with the machine controlled by the National Patent Company of New York. Most books date the machine at 1905, whereas the actual date is the spring of 1907, with 1908 the year the machine was available in numbers. It is regarded by many as the first selectible jukebox as it played Edison cylinder recordings and allowed the customer to pick the selection. While it appears to be coin operated, it was actually run by checks sold by the location or bartender with the name "Multiphone Operating Company, New York" on them.

The cost to hear this machine is $1.00. Please see the attendant for operation of the machine. Thank you.

Multiphone Operating Company


New Program
Place 5c nickel in slot

  1. Tickle Toes - One Step
  2. When you and I were young Maggie
  3. The Trail of the Lonesome Pine - Band
  4. Patriotic Songs of America - Band
  5. Medley of Southern Plantation Songs
  6. Yes! We have no Banana - Fox Trot
  7. My Old Kentucky Home - Band
  8. Alexanders Ragtime Band - Band
  9. Marching Through Georgia - Band
  10. The Little Ford Rambled Right Along
  11. Ben Hur Chariot Race March - Band
  12. The Da Da Di Da Dae - Descriptive
  13. The Battle Cry of Freedom - Chorus
  14. Battle Hymn of the Republic - Song
  15. Banjo Dream and Awakening - Banjo
  16. Wake Up America - Song
  17. Casey Jones - Song
  18. Poet and Peasant Overture - Orch
  19. My Mammy - Premier Quartet
  20. The Hermit's Bell Overture - Orch
  21. The Irish Jig - Band
  22. When the Roll is Called Up Yonder
  23. K K K Katy - Song
  24. Stars and Stripes Forever - March

Wind Motor With Large Crank
Desired Number with Small Crank
Then Insert 5c Nickel in Slot