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Posted March 2022

Western Trails Museum Polished Rocks
JS Chaves Collection (Deceased) 127 W. Fifth Street, San Dimas, Calif.

Western Trails Museum Shiny Rocks

Western Trails Museum Rocks

Western Trails Museum Types of Rocks

Western Trails Museum Benitoite of Neptunite
  • Benitoite of Neptunite San Benito California Very Rare
  • Seam of Jasper Agate Quartzite Arizona
  • Conglomerate Showing a Tree Limb Cooper Wyoming
  • Cinnabar Specimens .. Hill California
  • 5 Odds and Ends Polished Mojave Desert California
  • ..
  • 6 Garnets Prize Find of 1912 McElmo Creek Colorado
  • This Garnet .. 66 ..
  • Coal Intercolonial Mine Westville Nova Scotia
  • A Rare Specimen Showing Gold Silver and 8 other Minerals Leadville colorado
  • Jasper Showing Healed Fracture Bandsburg California
  • Two Jaspers New Dale California
  • Grape Chalcedony Turtle Mountains California
  • Polished Blue Agate Geode Mojave Desert California
  • 5 Sand Crystals Badlands South Dakota
  • Mercury in Bottle Made from these Specimen
  • Chocolate Onyx Showing Slippage chocolate Mountains California
  • Polished Specimens Red Spots are Cinnabar Morgan Hill California
  • Cinnabar Geode From a mine near Coalinga California
  • 2 Rock Salt Specimens Pugwash Mine Nova Scotia Canada
  • Actinolite in Granite Big Bear Lake California
  • Copper Copper that has been precipitated on a horse shoe. Found in mill race of Old Dominion mine of Globe, Arizona. We were caught in a summer thunder storm high up in the Pinal Mountains. A Flooded stream blocked our way out. Next morning no water was running and I found this shoe in the ditch. Tin cans by the train loads are now used to catch copper in solution. The Old Dominion has been worked out for many years. What fun it has been for me.
  • Ma .. Blister .. McGill Nevada
  • Opalized Shells Coalinga California
  • A Rare Specimen ..
  • ..

Opalized Shells

Western Trails Museum Specimen
  • Warty Stalactite Cody Wyoming
  • Stalactite Lewis and Clark Cavern Montana
  • 3 Stalactites Carlsbad Caverns New Mexico
  • Specimen Mitchell Caves North of Essex
  • ..
  • 2 Stalactite Stanton Cave New Mexico
  • Specimen Lehman Caves Ely Nevada
  • Specimen .. West .. By way ..
  • Iridescent Lava .. Gold Hill California
  • Common Opal Specimen
  • ..
  • ..
  • Small Garnets In Rhyolite Ore Grande New Mexico
  • Agate Specimens Crested Butte Colorado
  • Water worn Sandstone Pebble Showing Fault Line
  • Hornblende Granite Central City Colorado
  • Crystals Gold Prince Mine Animas Forks Colorado
  • Howlite Grand Canyon Arizona
  • Green Fluorite Duncan Arizona
  • Amazonite Crystals Crystal Park Colorado Springs Colorado
  • Calcite Crystal Specimen
  • Gypsum Coated with Calcite Old Mexico
  • ..


Western Trails Museum Magnetite
Magnetic Iron
The common name for this mineral is "lodestone". It is a natural magnet. Source of power unknown. It is everlasting and has its relation to the north magnetic pole which is three degrees west of true north. Note position of needles north pole attracts and south pole repels.

Crystals and Calcite
  • Anhydrite Crystal Medicin Bow Wyoming
  • Dogtooth Spar Casper Wyoming
  • 3 Silver with Quartz Molly Gibson Mine Aspen Colorado
  • Realgar Arsenate Cinnabar White Caps Mine Manhatten Nevada
  • Black Aragonite Crystal Kingman Arizona
  • Calcite After Quartz Gold Prince Mine Animas Forks Colorado
  • Calcite with Antimony Chihuahua Old Mexico
  • 3 Amethyst Crystals Sonora Old Mexico
  • 4 Quartz Crystals Lucky Baldwin Lake California
  • Potterite Cady Mountain Mojave Desert California
  • Vanadinite Crystal Duncan Arizona
  • 2 Quartz and Pyrite Silver City New Mexico
  • Crystal Silver Lake Mine Silverton Colorado
  • 3 Blarney Stones From Ireland

  • Vanadinite Crystal Duncan, Arizona
  • 2 Quartz and Pyrite Silver City New Mexico
  • Crystal Silver Lake Mine Silverton Colorado
  • 3 Blarney Stones From Ireland
  • 3 Pyrite Crystals Ely Nevada
  • Quartz Stained with Silver Silver Lake Mine Silverton Colorado
  • 4 Specimens Wulfenite Hill Top Mine Hayden Arizona
  • Black Tarmaline Sonora Old Mexico
  • Rhombohedron Calcite Patterson New Jersey
  • White Calcite With slick and slide marks Canyon City Colorado
  • Calcite Which plugged a four inch water line Fellow California
  • 2 Agate Specimens Specimen Hill Medicin Bow Wyoming
  • 2 Quartz Crystals Park City Utah
  • 2 Amethyst Crystals Brazil South America
  • Phantom Crystal Hot Springs Arkansas
  • Black Crystal Boise Idaho

Calcite and Crystals


  • Black Jasper Sphere Lavic California
  • Onyx Sphere Wingate Pass Death Valley California
  • Two Sphere of Howolite Found in Tic Canyon above Newhall California

Spheres and Rocks
  • Rev. Andy Andrews of Anaheim, California cut and polished these spheres. He passed away and the family donated these to this museum as a memorial to Husband and Father.
  • Assorted Polished Rocks
  • JS Chaves 127 Fifth Street San Dimas California