Knotts Berry Farm
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Posted March 2022

Knott's Berry Farm Starbucks

Knott's Berry Farm Starbucks

Knott's Berry Farm Starbucks
They sell Boysenberry Frappuccinos here

Knott's Berry Farm The Coffee Belt
The Coffee Belt
The World's Three Coffee Growing Regions
  • Latin America
    Known for well-balance coffees, often tasting of nuts or cocoa, with a medium body. Lively acidity and clean finish.

    Experience Latin AmericaTry Guatemala Antigua. If you could only drink one coffee, this would be a good bet. Elegant and refined with layers of unfolding flavor - lemon, chocolate, and soft spice.
  • Africa / Arabia
    Features distinctive coffees with flavors ranging from berries to grapefruit, and aromas with hints of flowers, chocolate, and spices.

    Experience AfricaTry Kenya. Sparkling with citrus and bright acidity. This is a prototypical African offering.
  • Asia / Pacific
    Anchoring many or our most popular blends, this region's coffees are full bodied and earthy with herbal spiciness, depth, and a lingering finish.

    Experience Asia / PacificTry Sumatra. It's a Starbucks partner favorite whose herbal notes and earthy aroma typify the region.

Most coffee grows between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn - an equatorial band known as the Coffee Belt. We travel to every growing region in more that 20 countries around the world, discovering, and ethically sourcing the very best beans nature has to offer.

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