Spurs Chop House
Knotts Berry Farm
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Spurs Chop House

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Posted March 2022

Knott's Berry Farm Spurs Chop House
Spurs Chop House
Walker Knott's Steak House opened in 1946 with walls made of hand-packed, 18" thick, adobe bricks. Later renamed Spurs, the eatery was an alternative to Mrs. Knott's nearby Chicken Dinner Restaurant and offered buffalo burgers, stew, and steaks

Spurs Chop House Patio Bar
Patio Bar

Spurs Chop House The Knott's Portraits
Portraits of the Knott's

There are also portraits of the Knott's in Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant

Spurs Chop House Knott's Berry Place Photo
Knott's Berry Place Photo

Spurs Chop House US Post Office
US Post Office

Spurs Chop House Specialists in Berries
We are Specialists in Berries
  • Boysenberry
  • Lloyd George Raspberry
  • Dorsett Strawberry
  • Rock Hill Strawberry

Valuable book on berries
which lists and tells how to grow the newest and most profitable sorts.
Free on Request

Knott's Berry Place
Buena Park, California

Spurs Chop House 4 String Whiskey Barrel Lid
4 String Whiskey Barrel Lid

Spurs Chop House Whiskey Barrel Bottles
Whiskey Barrel Bottles

Spurs Chop House Rodeo