Independence Hall Exact Replica
Independence Hall Exact Replica

Knott's Chain of Title

Inside Independence Hall
Knotts Berry Farm

Posted Monday June 13th 2022

Independence Hall Chain of Title
Chain of Title for Independence Hall Land
INDEPENDENCE HALL at Knott's Berry Farm is located on a parcel of land in Rancho Los Coyotes, which came under the jurisdiction of the King of Spain by virtue of the Law of the Indies upon the Spanish occupation of California in 1760.

This parcel and other land was granted by the Spanish Governor Pedro Fages to Manuel Perez Nieto on October 21, 1784.

In a partition of his holdings to his heirs, Rancho Los Coyotes was granted to Juan Jose Nieto on May 22 1834, by Mexican Governor Jose Figueroa.

In 1848, following the Mexican War and the signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, California became United States Territory and titles were confirmed later by Patents issued by authorities of the United States Government.

This parcel now is described as a portion of the Southeast quarter of the Northeast quarter of Section 11, Township 1 South, Range 11 West, as described in Patent Book 1, Page 453, Records of Los Angeles County, California.

The complete chain of title:

Knott's Independence Hall
Chain of Title:
Knott's Berry Farm
October 21, 1784Manuel Perez Nieto
May 22. 1834Juan Jose Nieto
February 13, 1855Abel Sterns
May 25, 1868Alfred Robinson, Trustee
February 4, 1881Olive A. Potter
February 19, 1906William G. Potter
March 17, 1906George C. Halsey
April 6, 1908Charles II Newcombe
April 16, 1917Charles A. Boege
October 15, 1917E. J. Salter
January 26, 1926Parrie Salter
December 17, 1927Samuel J. Walker, et al
December 28, 1932Robbie Anderson
December 28, 1932Bella J. Walker, et al
February 17, 1939Walter Knott
August 10, 1946Claude Richards, et al
January 20, 1953Knott's Berry Farm

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