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Posted March 2022

Coffee Grinders
  • Cake molds and bellows
    Found near Eureka, Calif. at a pioneer cabin in ruins.
  • Raisin & Cherry Pitter
    Found in a trash dump at Darwin California
  • Coffee Mill
    This old coffee mill came from Speer Home in Texas. Brought from Kentucky in 1868. The label reads NA 822. Side Mill Large Double Grinder made by WWW....
  • Cup and Plate
    Found in Trash Dump .. miner's cabin, Gladstone, Colo
  • Fork
    Found on old camping grounds, Arlington, Wyoming, on old Overland Trail.
  • Potato & Apple Peeler:
    Found in dump ground at Darwin, California
  • Coffee Mill
    Was found in old miner's shack near Gladstone, Colorado. It was in a pile of everything brought in by a pack rat.
  • Coffee Grinder
    This old coffee grinder dates back to the Civil War days and was used constantly for many years. .. Still works well .. Donated by ... Huntington Beach, Calif.
  • Coffee Mill
    This, made to set anywhere, coffee mill was donated by Orville Beeten of Tustin, Calif., Formerly of Fort Lupton, Colorado. He was a school mate of Marion A Speer.
  • Coffee Mill
    This old coffee mill was brought to Newberg Ore. By a pioneer family who came in by ox team over Old Oregon Trail.
Dutch Oven
  • Waffle Iron
    Used on wood and coal burning stoves and even buffalo chips by our American Pioneers.
  • Coffee Pot
    A pioneer coffee pot donated by George Peel of Brea, California.
  • Meat Cutter
    This meat cutter was used by pioneers of Lutesville Missouri, 100 yrs ago - 1864 Donated by Chas. Eaker, Bellgardens, Calif.
  • Doughnut Maker:
    Home doughnut maker of pioneer days.
  • Vaporizer
    Vapo-Cresolene Vaporizer found and donated by Mayo L Standley of Long Beach, Calif.
  • Dutch Oven:
    A pioneer Dutch oven used by George Speer, father of Marion A Speer on old long horn cattle trails from Texas to Northern markets.