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Types of Healing Stones

Knotts Berry Farm

Posted Thursday September 22nd 2022

Geode Shop Healing Stones
Healing Stones

  • AGATE Brown, blue gray. Found in Brazil, India, Mexico and the US. The hardness and durablity of this stone brings durability to your life.
  • AMAZONTIE White, pale green-blue. Found in North and South America and Russia. Its connection to water helps you to be tranquil. The high potassium content aids the physical body.
  • AMBER Orange. honey colored to chalky yellow. Found in the Baltics, Central America and the Caribbean. The translucent color of the stone warms the soul and brings comfort to those who possess it.
  • AMETIST Light lavender to deep purple. Found in Brazil and Uruguy. This variety of quartz is known as a primary healing stone
  • APATTIE This phosphate mineral is usually a beautiful blue/green color. Said to reduce confusion and negativity and stimulate creativity.
  • AQUAMARINE Pale blue to blue-green. Found in the US. Mexico and Brazil. The calming effect of this stone will sooth and relax you.
  • ARAGONTIK Cloudy white to orange/brown. Found in Mexico, US and Spain. Aids in clearing the senses. Thoughts and emotions will be defined.
  • AVENTURINE Light to dark green. Found in India aed South America. like the color of money this stone will bring you prosperity.
  • AZURITE Blue-green to dark blue. Found in South Africa and the US. This stone found near copper deposits, promotes the healing of arthritis and joint pain.
  • BLOODSTONE Dark green with red flecks. Found in Russia, India, Mexico and Brazil. It is said to cleanse and purity the body.
  • BLUE LACE AGATE Light to dark blue. Found in Africa. Promotes peacefulness and clears the mind.
  • CALCITE White, yellow, orange, green, and blue. Found in North America. Promotes creativity and imagination.
  • CARNELIAN Red-orange to orange-brown. Found in India and South America. The fiery orange color invokes passion and love. Increases energy.

  • CELESTITE White to light blue. Found in Madagascar. Promotes self awareness and awareness of the world around you.
  • CHRYSOCOLLA Light green to deep blue. Found in Mexico, Chile, Zaire and the US. Aids in protection and reducing insecurities.
  • CITRINE Light to dark yellow-brown. Found in North and South America. The warm golden color brings comfort. It calms and relaxes.
  • COPPER Metallic orange. Found in the US, Canada, Chile and Africa. Said to improve circulation and relieve arthritis and joint pain.
  • EMERALD Green. Found in India. Promotes emotional and spiritual balance. A symbol of hope.
  • FLUORITE Pale green to dark purple. Found in US, Canada and China. The fluoride content in this mineral aids in fortifying bones and teeth.
  • GALENA Lead-gray. Found in Mexico, Peru and US. The iron content heips with iron deficient blood and the circulatory system.
  • GARNET Reddish black to deep red. Found in Russia. Africa and US. Promotes creative energy, passion and sell confidence.
  • GOLD Shiny, metallic. Found in US, South Africa and Canada. Its bright shiny appearance allows you to have a good outlook.
  • GRANTITE Light colored with flecks of black, red, brown and gray. Found worldwide. Conglomerate of many minerals. Aids in dealing with reletionships with many different personalities.
  • HEMATITE Reddish orange on the outside, when it is polished it is a gray metallic color. Found in Brazil Canada, US and Australia. This iron ore strengthens the blood and circulation.
  • HERKIMER DIAMOND Clear. Found in the US and Mexico. Aids in healing addictions and releasing toxins from the body.
  • HOWLITE White with flecks of grey. Found in Africa, Nova Scotia and California. Aids in breathing, particularly for asthma sufferers.

  • HIMALAYAN SALT White to dark orange. It contains 84 natural minerals and elements found in the human body. Said to relieve asthma, high blood pressure and insomnia. Found in Pakistan.
  • JADE Green, yellow, and pink. Found in China, US and New Zealand. As the ancient Chinese believed, this stone will bring wisdom and prosperity.
  • JASPER Red, brown, yellow, green. This stone will help control your intense passionate nature. Found in the US, Greece, Poland, and Turkey.
  • LABRADORITE Blue, gray with flashes of color. Found in Norway, Finland, and Madagascar. Like the colorful flash seen on the face of the rock, it helps shy people come out of their shell.
  • LAPIS Royal blue with flecks of gold. Found in Central Asia, Chile and Pakistan. This stone promotes self importance and self confidence.
  • LEOPARDSKIN JASPER Brown, orange yellow. The small circles of color aids in concentrating on the details of life. Regulates metabolism. Found in Mexico.
  • LEPIDOLITE Glittery lilac-gray mica mineral. A calming stone used to help reduce stress. Found in US, Brazil, and Madagascar.
  • MALACHITE Light to dark green. Found in Africa, Russia, and Australia. A piece kept in your wallet or purse will help you spend money wisely.
  • MOONSTONE Gray with pearly flecks of color. Found in the US, Sri Lanka, Australia, and Madagascar. Associated with love and happy times.
  • ORSIDIAN Black, brown, and red. This volcanic glass helps hot tempered people keep their cool. Found in US, Mexico, and Argentina.
  • ONYX Brown, white, gray, and black. Found in US, Mexico and Brazil. Helps overcome feelings of loneliness. Aids in adapting to unfamiliar surroundings.
  • PETRIFIED WOOD Found in US, Madagascar, and Indonesia. Like the visible rings from this stones past, it allows you to learn from past mistakes.
  • PYRITE Yellow, shiny. Also known as "Fools Gold'. Found in the US and Peru. This mineral will protect investments. Promotes general good health.

  • QUARTS Colorless or white. Large quantities found in Brazil and the US. All around healing stone. Brings good luck.
  • RHODONTIE Pink with black veins. Found in Australia and the US. Aids in overcoming difficulties during hard times in life.
  • ROSE QUARTZ Pink. The Love Stone. Found in US, Africa and South America. Promotes love and romance. Aids in Improving your self image.
  • RUBY Deep red, pink. Found in Sri Lanka and Thailand. A strong protector of health, wealth, and body.
  • SELENITE Colorless, white, bluish-gray. Found in US and Morocco. Aids in breaking bad habits. Those who want to quit smoking should carry this stone.
  • SEPTARIAN Brown, gold, yellow. Found in US, Madagascar, and Morocco. Said to help with confidence and patience.
  • SOAPSTONE Brown, green, and white. Found in US and India. This soft stone promotes change for mind and body.
  • SODALITE Blue and white. Found in Afghanistan, Chile, and Brazil. Aids in the relief of guilty feelings. Promotes creativity and helps with public speaking.
  • TIGER EYE Brown and black Found in South Africa and Australia. Helps to identify addictions and give you power to overcome them.
  • TOURMALINE This stone comes in a variety of colors. Found in US, Asia, and Brazil. Helps with drug addiction. Blocks negative energy.
  • TURQUOISE Blue, green. Found in Southwest US. Considered to be a lucky stone. Alds in relieving anger.
  • UNAKTITE Green with flecks of pink. Found in US and Africa. This stone promotes self growth and strength. It also prevents kidney stones.


Geode Shop Healing Stones