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Western Trails Museum
Knott's Berry Farm


Inside the Western Trails Museum
Knotts Berry Farm
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Posted March 2022

  • These interesting small tools was used by John C. Garrison around 1900 donated to Western Trails Museum by his son, Don Garrison of Anaheim, California.
  • Stanley 45 combined plane used for many years by Byron F Moye, Donated by him Tacoma Washington.
  • .. Pioneer .. Bark off logs, smoothing .. Scraping hair off hogs .. Donated by D Hicks of Newport Beach California.
  • .. Makers of many .. Trade. Some of the most.. Was done by .. This old square had .. donated to Westerd Trails Museum .. Mage of Portland ..
  • Hand Ax and Carpenter Guage found at Summitville, Colorado.
  • ..ng Hook used by .. ons as their San .. at Big Bear Lake, California.

Cabinet Coping Saw
  • Coping Saw Old Time Cabinet Makers Coping Saw donate by Paul Hartman Cape Girardeau Missouri.
  • Donated by William Leedke of Garden Grove California came from Boston, Massachusetts.
  • The 23 Wooden Planes .. single wire. Found at a settlement 35 miles east of Goldfield Nevada. The old time cabinet maker turned out beautiful work.

Bridge Building Tools
  • Old Bridge Building Tools These were used in building bridges of heavy timber on Union Pacific Railroad from 1861 to 1890. They were used in making mortises to receive tenons. They had many other uses. Each bridge builder had his own tools. The large hand chisel is a slick. Common name "Glut." The slick and foot adz did the rough work. Others were used to smooth the work. There are two gauges used in marking out work. A scratch boss did the marking. Donated to Western Trails Museum by MM Schwietert of Ontario, California. 1966. Hard work by pioneers built strong, healthful bodies.
  • From Mcgrady Farm Dye Mound Texas Brought from Georgia.
  • From old Speer farm St. Joe Texas.
  • From the Rowe Farm Texas. Over 120 years old.
  • Two Pioneer Planes donated by Max M Tritch of Long Beach California. Both are over 100 years old.
  • Plane .. Wats .. Farm Dye Mound Texas Brought from G ..

Single Jack
  1. Two gads used for breaking down crumbling ore.
  2. Candle stick used by prospectors and miners.
  3. 5 drills from starter up to 2 feet long.
  4. Single Jack used with these tools.
  5. Spoon for cleaning out drill holes.

This display donated by George E Stanley of Montebello California, an old-time hard rock miner of Colorado. These all came from the Enterprise Mine Rico Colorado.

Railroad Level
Railroad Level
Nordyke Marmon & Co. Richmond, Ind.

Instrument used for railroad levels. 100 years old. Donated by Otto Harding

Some Spheres in the cabinet underneath

Western Trails Museum Wagon Wrench
  • Buggy Hames A pair of steel buggy Hames . A single Hame mad by hand, a pair of heavy Hames, buggy single tree and neck yoke, all found on old freight road that ran from Fort Boise, Idaho, to the then booming mining camp of Weaverville, California.
  • Wagon Wrench For removing hub nut to grease wheels. Donated by Dobson Bros. Mortlach, Sask, Canada.
  • Hobbles Found in wild area of Kings Canyon National Forrest by Mayo L. Standley