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Posted March 2022

Spurs and Bits of The Old West
Spurs and Bits of The Old West
  • Vaquero Spur Heavy Mexican
  • Mexican Spur Ladies
  • Charro Spur Mexican
  • California Spur Santa Barbara in the 1860s
  • Vaquero Spur Mexican
  • Old Spanish Spur Found on Tremblor Ranch Kern County California
  • Vaquero Spur Heavy Mexican
  • Ancient Spanish Spur This type was worn in California from 1769 to about 1850. Found on the Santa Margarita Ranch
  • Charro Spur Light Mexican
  • Old Vaquero Spur Mexican
  • Charro Spur Old Type Mexican
  • Ancient Spanish Spur From Tejon Ranch Kern County California
  • Charro Spur Mexican
  • Vaquero Spur Light often used on bare heel
  • Spanish Spur Used at Los Angeles in the 1860s
  • Charro Spur Mexican
  • Silver Mounted Cinch Ring
  • Charro Spur Mexican
  • Vaquero Spur Light Mexican
  • Curb Chain Used by Mexican Cavalry
  • Ring Curbs Demountable for screwing into to of port on bits
  • Old California Spur Made about 1860 used near Ventura
  • Vaquero Spur Light Mexican
  • Silver Mounted Cinch Ring

Bits of The Old West

  • Ring Bit Mexican
  • Ring W .. Bit Ring Curb is removable
  • Ring Bit Introduced into Spain by Arabs calle Mameluke Bit. This type used by first Spaniards to arrive in the Americas
  • Mule Bit
  • Freno De Torre Bit with tower mouthpiece used on mules
  • Ring Bit Mexican
  • Carriage Bit Used on co and carriage horses
  • Ring Bit Mexican
  • Freno De Torre Snail Shell Ring Bit. Used at Mission San Luis. Found near Temecula used by the Indians.
  • Ring Bit Used near San Fernando
  • Ring Bit Used on mules in lower California
  • Half Breed Bit Modern American Made
  • Wing Bit
  • Mule Bit
  • Curb Bit Modern American Made
  • Sapo Bit Modern Mexican
  • Army Curb Bit Used by Mexican Calvary

Bits of The Old West

  • Ring Bit Freno De Anillo .. Found near .. San Luis Re..
  • Filete Modern Mexican
  • Sapo Bit
  • .. Half-Breed Bit
  • Cub Bit Modern
  • Sapo Bit Mexican
  • Ring Bit Gabelan from old Mexico

Bits and Ox Shoes
  • JR Bit And very wicked no longer used
  • A Very Wicked Bit Found at Hatchet Ranch New Mexico
  • Plain Bit Found Fort Hallack, Wyoming
  • Ox Shoes Found at Wood Haulers Camp Atlantic City, Wyoming
  • Two Ox Shoes Used on oxen that brought the Farrow family over Stony Pass in 1873 to Silverton Colorado. Donated by Rocky Mountain Farrow, of Durango, Colorado in 1950. Our pioneers worked hard in their undertakings.
  • Bridle Bit Found at Ghost Town Carbon Wyoming 1919
  • Bit Found at Cow Camp Bell Ranch New Mexico
  • Horse Shoe Found at Old Fort Churchill Nevada donated by Ron Bellin
  • Bit Found at Sheep Camp Eagle Creek Wyoming
  • Bit Found Fort .. Wyoming
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  • Ox Shoes Found on Oregon Trail Glendo Wyoming
  • Bull Shoes From Tex Williams Ranch Cima California
  • Ox Shoes Found on Oregon Trail Pacific Springs Wyoming
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