Coast Rider
Knotts Berry Farm
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Coast Rider

Unaccompanied Height: 54 inches

The height requirement is:
  • 54 inches tall
  • or 44 inches tall and accompanied by a supervising companion

Posted April 2022

Knott's Berry Farm Coast Rider
Coast Rider:
The 52 foot ascent to the top of Coast Rider will have everyone clinging to the handrails for the ultimate family coaster experience. The adventure aboard the ride gives guests the feeling of riding the California coast, but once they reach the crest, it is a harrowing journey down the 1,339 feet of track filled with hairpin turns, twists and spins.

1:50 VIDEO:
Knott's Berry Farm Coast Rider
Coast Rider

Boardwalk Coast Rider
Coast Rider Sign

Coast Rider Going Up
Going Up

Coast Rider Track

Coast Rider Queue

Coast Rider Ready to Go
Ready to Go

Coast Rider Cars

Coast Rider The End
The End

Coast Rider Tight Turns
Tight Turns

Coast Rider S Shapes Track
S Shapes Track

Coast Rider S Shapes Track

Coast Rider Sharp Turns
Sharp Turns

Coast Rider Sharp Turns

Coast Rider Safety Guide
Safety Guide
  • Riders must be 54" tall to ride alone.
  • Riders must be 44" tall and accompanied by a responsible person to ride.
  • All loose items must be left in a locker or with a non-rider.
  • Every vehicle may be occupied by not more than 4 persons.
  • All restraint systems must be positioned and fastened properly.
  • Remain seated facing forward in an upright position and hold on until the ride comes to a complete stop.
  • Keep all parts of your body inside the ride unit at all times.
  • Riders must be able to support themselves in a sitting positon and have sufficient body strength in order to ride.
  • Riders with leg or arm casts that restrict the rider's appendage movement and / or ability to grasp are not permitted to ride.
  • Riders must have at least one hand and arm to hold on safely to the lap bar.
  • Leg amputations must be below the knee.
  • Persons under the influence of drugs or alchohol are not permitted to ride.
  • Service animals are not permitted to ride.
  • Smoking ins prohibited.
  • Compliance Certificate may be viewed at the security office.