Maize Plaque
Knotts Berry Farm
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Maize Plaque


Posted April 2022

Maize Plaque Window

Indian Trails Maize
Maize was one of the most important factors in the development of the indigenous people of the Southwest. Maize farming moved north from Mexico about 1000 B.C. As a primary crop, maize allowed The people to settle and farm in places with very little rainfall.

Maize, which came to be called corn because of the small kernels or seeds, is prepared in many ways. The ears or cobs can be boiled or roasted. The kernels can be ground into meal and made into bread or porridge. As a grain the corn is kept and preserved by the use of storage places where it is protected from dampness.

The use of corn played an Important role in the activities of the people of the Southwest. The rising sun was greeted by the spreading of corn pollen. The ears, stems, leaves, blossoms, and flour were used in dances which celebrated this life-giving resource during the planting and harvest times. The Hopi and Zuni people of the Southwest continue to observe these traditions today.

Maize Plaque Inside the Window
A look inside the window