Drug Store
Knotts Berry Farm
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Drug Store

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Posted June 2022

Looking in the Drug Store Window

Drug Store Front Door

Drug Store Front

Knott's Berry Farm Drug Store
Drug Store

Drug Store Oleum Cedar
Oleum Cedar

Drug Store Medicine

Drug Store Red Pills
Red Pills

Drug Store Collins Bros
Collins Bros
St. Louis Mo.

Drug Store Medicine
More Medicine

Drug Store Humphrey's Remedies
Humphrey's Remedies
  1. Fevers Congestions, Inflamations
  2. Worms Worm Fever, Worm Colic
  3. Teething Colic, Crying, Sleeplessness
  4. Diarrhea Children or Adults
  5. Dysentery Griping, Bilious Colic
  6. Cholera Morbus Vomiting
  7. Coughs Colds, Bronchitis
  8. Neuralgia Toothache, Faceache
  9. Headaches Sick Headache, Vertiga
  10. Dyspepsia Indigestion, Weak Stomach
  11. Suppressed Menses and Scanty
  12. Leucorrhea or Profuse Menses
  13. Croup Hoarseness Laryngitis
  14. Eczema Erysipelas, Eruptions
  15. Rheumatism and Rheumatic Pains
  16. Malaria Chills, Fever, and Ague
  17. Piles or Hemorrhoids
  18. Ophthalmia or Sore Eyes
  19. Catarrh Influenza, Cold in Head
  20. Whooping Cough Spasmodic Cough
  21. Asthma Oppressed Breathing
  22. Ear Discharges Earache
  23. Enlarged Glands and Swellings
  24. General Debility Physical Weakness
  25. Dropsy and Scanty Secretions
  26. Nausea Vomiting, Sea Sickness
  27. Kidney Diseases
  28. Nervous Prostration
  29. Sour Mouth Canker, Fever Sores
  30. Urinary Weakness Wetting the Bed
  31. Painful Menses
  32. Disorders of the Heart Palpitation
  33. Spasms and Convulsions
  34. Chronic Congestions and Eruptions
  35. Grip La Grippe, Grippe
Humphreys' Witch Hazel Ointment (Compound) "The Pile Ointment" 25 and 50 Cents.