Knotts Berry Farm
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Height Requirement: 48 inches

The height requirement is:
  • 48 inches tall

Posted March 2022

GhostriderOne of the top 10 Wooden Roller Coasters in the World

Ghostrider Drop

Knott's Berry Farm Ghostrider
The Knott family for years wanted a large wooden coaster as a cornerstone for the Ghost Town section of the park. If you have never been to Knott's the park is seriously landlocked as the once rural town of Buena Park, California now has over 82,000 people. Knott's had to build half the coaster on the other side of Grand Avenue. This resulted in four thousand five hundred and thirty-three feet of track being squeezed into a small L shaped plot of land. Ghostrider was designed by Custom Coasters International and opened six months ahead of schedule in December on 1998.


After seventeen years of almost daily operation Ghostrider was closed down for a massive renovation. As Custom Coasters was long gone by this point Knott's brought in Great Coasters International to take a look at Ghostrider in order to keep this coaster running year round into the future. GCI completely re-tracked the ride, tweaked it where they saw issues, removed the mid course brake and replaced the old Philadelphia Toboggan Company trains with their own Millennium Flyers.

As a result of the changes what was my impression about the new and improved Ghostrider? Wow! Ghostrider was flying around the course and its legendary "The Drop" out of what was the mid course is even better.

Ghost Rider

Knott's Berry Farm Ghostrider Entrance
Ghostrider Entrance
One of the largest wooden roller coasters in the world. GhostRider looms 118 feet over Ghost Torn and features a 450-degree helix.

Ghost Town Ghostrider Entrance

3:44 VIDEO:
Knott's Berry Farm Ghostrider Tunnel

Knott's Berry Farm Ghostrider Track

Knott's Berry Farm Ghostrider Waiting

Knott's Berry Farm Ghostrider Barrel
Barrel of Gun Powder

Knott's Berry Farm Ghostrider Rafters

Knott's Berry Farm Ghostrider Queue
Almost there!

Knott's Berry Farm Ghostrider Empty Line
Empty Line
This was right after they opened so no line yet.

Knott's Berry Farm Ghostrider Train Leaving
Train Leaving

Knott's Berry Farm Ghostrider So Close
So Close

Knott's Berry Farm Ghostrider Barrels of Gun Powder
Barrels of Gun Powder

Knott's Berry Farm Ghostrider Gold Pan
Gold Pan

Knott's Berry Farm Ghostrider Exit Sign
Exit Sign

Knott's Berry Farm Ghostrider Wood Structure
Wood Structure


Wood Structure

Ghost Rider Framing

Ghost Rider Framing

Knott's Berry Farm Ghostrider Exit

Knott's Berry Farm Ghostrider Ride Photos
Ride Photos

Knott's Berry Farm Ghostrider Sign
Ghostrider Sign
Knott's Berry Farm View of Ghostrider
View of the Building

Ghostrider Building

Ghostrider Building

Exit Stairs

Ghostrider Building at Night

Ghostrider Entrance at Night

Ghostrider's History:
When Knott's Berry Farm set out to begin the largest project in the park's 78-year history, no one knew for sure what sort of legend they would resurrect.

They set out to build one of world's greatest thrill rides and the first major new attraction in nearly a decade. GhostRider would become one of the tallest, fastest and longest wooden roller coasters in the world.

The project, the largest in the park's 78-year history was initiated nearly five years prior to the completion. It altered the appearance of the Old West Ghost Town, California Marketplace and made a bold change to the appearance of the park's main drag Grand Avenue.

Cedar Fair:Shortly after the ground breaking Knott's Berry Farm was acquired by Cedar Fair L.P. based in Sandusky, Ohio, a company famous for their flagship park Cedar Point. The new management picked up where the Knott family left off and carried the project through to its completion on December 8, 1998.

The combination of a wooden coaster and the historic Ghost Town was a perfect fit. In fact, upon opening, GhostRider almost instantly earned the distinction of being called a world-class wooden coaster. Knott's Berry Farm and the Ghost Town would never be the same again... and all for the better.

The Ghostrider Story: It begins with a Union soldier during the Civil War who ventured out west following a tale of gold to be found in the California. Settling in the California boom town of Calico, this gentleman found work in the famous Calico mine.

What exactly happened to him is unknown, but according to local folklore this gentleman ventured into the Calico mine on horseback one dark night and never returned.

Following his mysterious disappearance locals' recall seeing something odd in the sky on dark, clear nights. The mysterious sightings appeared to be a ghost onboard a horse riding across the sky. So as the legend goes, the odd sightings became known... as the Ghostrider in the sky.

Virginia's Gift Shop Ghostrider Coaster Cutouts
Ghost Rider Coaster Cutouts

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View from Boysenberry Lane
View of the tracks from Boysenberry Lane

View of Ghostrider from Boysenberry Lane
Ghost Rider Safety Guide