Independence Hall Exact Replica
Independence Hall Exact Replica


Inside Independence Hall
Knotts Berry Farm

Posted June 2022

Independence Hall Bennington Flag
The Bennington Flag

First used by the Green Mountain Boys in the Battle of Bennington.

This famous flag was also carried in the Battle of Brandywine, Battle of Guilford Court House, and at General Burgoyne's surrender at the Battle of Saratoga, October 17, 1777

Independence Hall The Bennington Flag

Independence Hall Washington's Cruisers Flag
Washington's Cruisers Flag

Commissioned especially to fly over American shipping and was the standard for six schooners during these years.

In 1776, the "Franklin", flying the cruisers flag captured thirty British vessels.

Independence Hall Cruisers Flag

Independence Hall The Grand Union Flag
The Grand Union Flag

A combination of Colonial Union and British Union, this flag was in use when the 13 Colonies were still under charter to the Mother Country.

Carried on the flagship "Alfred" and raised by General Washington at Cambridge, Mass. in January, 1776. In March, 1776, the Marines carried the flag on their expedition to the Bahamas. Benedict Arnold's tiny fleet also carried the flag on Lake Champlain.

Independence Hall Grand Union Flag

Independence Hall The Taunton Flag
The Taunton Flag

This flag was first flown at the training field at Taunton, Mass.

It was flown many times atop the Liberty Pole to call patriots to an important meeting.

Independence Hall Taunton Flag

Independence Hall The Navy Jack
The Navy Jack

Flown by Commodore Hopkins on the Congress Fleet the first time the fleet entered foreign territory, March 3, 1776.

The occasion was an organized expedition to the Bahamas to seize powder stored there by the British.

Independence Hall Navy Jack

Independence Hall The Bunker Hill Flag
Bunker Hill Flag

This famous flag was carried by the Minute Men in the Battle of Bunker Hill, June 17, 1775.

Independence Hall Bunker Hill Flag

Independence Hall The Rattlesnake Flag
The Rattlesnake Flag

Several versions of the Rattlesnake Flag appeared throughout the Revolution.

This version was adopted by Congress and was hung in the Congress Room.

Independence Hall Rattlesnake Flag

Independence Hall The Betsy Ross Flag
The Betsy Ross Flag

"Old Glory", "The Stars and Stripes" was born on June 14, 1777

The flag was designed by a congressional committee and made by Betsy Ross.

It became the symbol of America and was the fore runner of all future flags of the United States.

Independence Hall Betsy Ross Flag

Independence Hall Museum Five Point Flag
Five Point Flag
This Five Point Flag dates from before 1840. It is on permanent display, and is the property of Gordon Parsons, Santa Ana, CA.

Independence Hall Museum Betsy Ross and Gen. George Washington
Betsy Ross and Gen. George Washington

Independence Hall Museum The Star Spangled Banner
Betsy Ross and Gen. George Washington
"The Star Spangled Banner"
General George Washington, Colonel George Ross, and Robert Morris were appointed by the 2nd Continental Congress as a committee "Authorized to design a suitable flag for the Nation".

In June 1776 the committee called on Betsy Ross, who operated an upholstery shop at 239 Arch Street, Philadelphia. The twenty-three year old widow of John Ross was shown a rough pencil sketch of the proposed flag.

The sketch showed a flag of thirteen horizontal stripes alternating red and white. The blue field contained a circle of thirteen six-pointed stars. Mrs. Ross suggested that the stars should be five-pointed, and her suggestion was accepted.

The thirteen-star flag was adopted by Congress on June 14, 1777. It was first flown over Fort Stanwix. New York on August 3, 1777.

This flag remained our national emblem until May 1, 1795, when the fifteen star flag was adopted.

Independence Hall Museum Five Point Stars
Five Point Stars

Independence Hall Flags Stripes
Thirteen Stripes

Independence Hall Museum Stars
Thirteen Stars

Independence Hall Museum Old Glory
Old Glory

Independence Hall Flags Out Front
American Flag in front of Independence Hall

Independence Hall Flags Out Front