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Famous Characters of the Old West

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Posted Monday March 21st 2022

Famous Characters of the Old West
Famous Characters of the Old West

  • James Wesley Hardin Gunfighter - Lawyer. Killed by sheriff in a saloon 1853 - 1895. Colt pistols he owned at death
  • Pat F Garrett 1850 - 1908 Sheriff of Lincoln County Killed Bill the Kid was murdered by cowboy in 1908. Gun that Killed Billy the Kid
  • Billy the Kid 1859 - 1881 Killed 21 men. Fought in New Mexico Lincoln County War. Killed by Sheriff Pat Garrett on July 14, 1881
  • The Wild Bunch Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
  • Apache Kid Renegade Indian. Indian Scout. $15,000 Reward Dead or Alive
  • - Gunfighter
  • Wyatt Earp 1846 - 1929 Lawman, .., Gambler. Gunfight at OK Corral. Colt Buntline Special. Died in Los Angeles California. Buntline Special.
  • Doc Holiday 1851 - 1887 Gambler - Gunfighter - Dentist. Friend of Wyatt Earps - Was at OK Corral.
  • Jesse James Bank, Stage, Train Bandit. Quantril Raider in Civil War. Brother Frank James killed by Bob Ford
    [Jesse James' Home where he was shot and killed
  • Pancho Villa 1877 - 1923 Leader of Mexican Revolution. Assassinated by ambush 1923
  • Wild Bill Hickok 1837 - 1876 Marshall Gunfighter, Scout. Pictured with 1849 Pocket Colt given to him by Pony Express Co. Shot in saloon while playing poker. Had his back to open door. Something he usually never did. Died in Deadwood South Dakota
  • Calamity Jane Martha Jane Canarray 1848 - 1903 Hard drinking frontier woman buried in Deadwood South Dakota near Wild Bill Hickok
  • Buffalo Bill Cody 1846 - 1917 Hunter - Scout - Indian Fighter - Showman
    [Buffalo Bill Center of the West
  • Annie Oakley Little Miss Sure Shot 1860 - 1926
  • Emiliano Zapata 1879 - 1919 Fought in Mexican Revolution Assassinated in 1919
  • Chief Joseph 1832 - 1904
  • Chief Sitting Bull Teton Sioux Chief & Medicine Man killed Dec 15 1890
  • Red Cloud Chief of the Sioux. Lead Sioux & Cheyenne in guerrilla warfare against soldiers, settlers. gold seekers
  • George Armstrong Custer 1839 - 1876 Civil War General at 23. Famous Indian Fighter. Killed at "Battle of Little Big Horn" 1876. Your Sincere Friend GA Custer
    [Custer's Last Stand
  • Kit Carson 1809 - 1848 Col. Christopher Carson Military Col - Fur Trader - Indian Fighter - Frontier Scout. Lead Military actions against Apaches, Navajos, Comanches
  • Geronimo 1829 - 1909 Family killed by Mexican troops in 1858. He and his guerrilla bands fought intruders into Apache lands in South West. Surrendered in 1866 - Died Fort Sill, Oklahoma - 1909

EW Donelley
EW Donelley
Photograph of Texas Ranger EW Donelley taken in 1896. Donated to Western Trails Museum by his son William H Donelley of 416 Holland Avenue Los Angeles, California. He was a member of the Texas Rangers they have been and still are in this year of 1969. They have been active in law enforcement in Texas. The Texas Rangers are to Texas as the FBI is to the United States and Scotland Yard is to England.