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Boysenberry Festival Only

Posted May 2022

Boysenberry Festival Old West Spice Company
Old West Spice Company

Grill Rubs & Everyday Seasonings

  • Lucky 13
    Everyday Spice! Citrus forward, sweet, salty & a touch of spice
  • Pueblo
    Southwest Blend Smooth smoky notes with hints of chipotle & cumin
  • Barnburner
    Lucky 13's evolution to a gourmet version of heat
  • Frontier
    Leads with an herbaceous & garlic salt bite followed by a balanced finish
  • Teriyaki
    Starts with an umami soy sauce punch, then a touch of ginger & Chinese 5 spice

Old West Spice Company
Born out of love. Love of good food, great flavors and the friends & family we choose to share our tables with. Our company was founded on the idea that food should be delicious. That you don’t have to go to a restaurant every time for a gourmet experience. Our first spice blend, Lucky 13, is the flagship of our handcrafted spice line and the manifestation of our flavor-first philosophy. It took several years and multiple versions, 13 to be exact, to get it right. Once you try it, you’ll forgive us for taking so long. Lucky 13 is a true masterpiece of culinary creation, utilizing the 4 major flavor profiles and designed to hit your palate in a specific order, ranking it closer to an experience rather than an ingredient.

Admittedly, we’re a little biased. We’ve created an entire spice line that can be used to enhance and elevate all the dishes you prepare in your home kitchen or backyard grill. In this world of calorie conservation and holistic preservation, it seems a little old-fashioned to talk about flavor. But, if you’ve ever driven 3 hours to try a messy cheeseburger from a hole-in-the-wall diner or braved dangerous neighborhoods to find that one taco truck in the middle of the night everyone talks about, you’re like us, foodies. As foodies, we focus on flavor, taste and balance, we count our successes in smiles. At Old West Spice Company, we promise to keep you smiling.